More than a hundred unknown tombs discovered in Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt has provided information on the found ancient burial place with human remains. The excavation site is the Qum al-Khulgan site (Dakaliya province). Archaeologists have unearthed 110 graves in the Nile Delta.

Human remains have been found in some of the graves. Archaeologists estimate that 68 oval tombs appeared here between 6000 and 3150. BC. This is a huge discovery for Egyptian archaeologists.

In addition to the graves of ordinary residents, 37 rectangular burials of the ancient era were found. They date back to 1782-1570. BC. At this time, the Semites of the Hyksos ruled the lands of Egypt. And 5 more tombs of the Naqada III period (3200 – 3000 BC).

In recent years, this is the newest large-scale discovery. Burials of different eras will allow a more detailed study of the culture of those times. Ceramic objects (dishes) were also found. Most likely, ordinary people were buried, since no jewelry was found at the burial sites.

The human remains have been well preserved to this day. The skeletons will be transported to the museum for detailed study. Now everyone is only interested in the fact how people with such long periods of time could have been buried in one place three times. Was it done by accident, or was someone’s family buried here for a generation?


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