More than a hundred graduates of one American school fell ill with brain cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — More than 100 high school graduates in New Jersey, USA, have developed a rare form of brain tumor. The reason has not yet been revealed, but some researchers suspect that it is due to radioactive soil.

According to Futurism , citing a Fox News report , New Jersey-based environmental scientist Al Lupiano has compiled stories of at least 102 people who were diagnosed with cancer after attending the same school in the 1990s.

Lupiano was diagnosed with a brain tumor 20 years ago and has since recovered. The man began the investigation after his wife and sister, who attended the same school, also fell ill with similar brain tumors.

How was the investigation?

After the death of his sister, Lupiano began to look for people who attended that school using social networks. Over several weeks of searching, he gathered more than 100 people claiming to have a brain tumor.

Most of these people graduated from high school between 1975 and 2000, although there are some who graduated from high school as recently as 2014.

Lupiano believes that the Middlesex plant, which used to import uranium ore, is to blame for everything. This plant is only half an hour away from the school. According to the man, radioactive contamination could have entered the school grounds through wind, rain, and even on car wheels.

Local officials have taken up the investigation, but so far there have been no results. None of the patients has yet filed a lawsuit. Fox News is hoping the plant will take responsibility.


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