More than 80 types of aliens live on earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Interesting information from an interview with the former Minister of War of Canada makes us take a fresh look at the world around us.

So the thought is spinning in my head: why all these huggy-waggies, gray heads and much more? For those who don’t know, this is child’s play.

More than 80 types of aliens live on earth 2

Their dominance has been observed for several years. If earlier toy monsters were a single occurrence, now the vast majority of them are in the children’s departments. When was the last time you saw a girl on the street with a cute teddy bear in her hands? Now she would rather take a cozy waggie or a spider mom (a type of long limbs) with her.

One gets the impression that this generation is taught to react normally to creatures that we would call monsters. Perhaps in twenty years they will introduce us to our real reality, where alien creatures of a species different from ours have long lived. Or maybe even a scary look. And these creatures are preparing to emerge from the shadows?

In an interview with the now-banned channel, former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer said that at the end of 2013, more than 80 different types of aliens live on our planet. Some of them are so similar to people that they can live among us completely unnoticed.

Some of them work for the governments of different countries, others have organized their own shadow government. The struggle for power on the planet goes much deeper than we think, follows from an interview with a military man.

He talked about tall whites who are very similar to Scandinavians , so they can easily disguise themselves and live in our cities. Also about the more “pop” version, where they are most often presented as aliens, little people, and not green. This species is called small gray, and they also found their niche on our planet.

Yes, our world is full of many unknowns. But maybe it’s better for us not to know about it?


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