More than 60 million apartments in several cities in China are empty: why does the country need ghost towns?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In China, people do not live so smoothly: despite the growing economy, there are big problems with housing. People are forced to huddle in small apartments, where sometimes not all amenities are available.

At the same time, new, almost unpopulated houses appear on the territory of the country. The question is, why do authorities invest in ghost towns? Only 10-30% of the housing is occupied by new owners.

New cities have everything you need for a comfortable life: schools, hospitals, universities, theaters, stadiums, etc. Settlements are connected to electric networks, have a water supply system. Even in completely empty cities, public utilities work who maintain order on the streets. Also, builders continue their work there.

A vivid example of a ghost town is Tianducheng. It is very reminiscent of Paris, only uninhabited Paris. The settlement is able to accommodate 10 thousand families. There is also the city of Ordos, which previously had a million inhabitants: they worked in the coal industry. When production stopped, only 100 thousand people remained in the city. It looks quite empty.

64 million apartments can accommodate the population of Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus, which cannot but surprise. Nobody destroys the city, because looting is provided for looting.

So what is wrong with China? According to a common version, authorities built new homes for rural residents, of which there are 700 million. The government has developed a large-scale urbanization plan, but it is not being implemented as well as we would like. People do not want to leave their homes because of fear, inability to pay for new apartments and lack of work in new places.

During construction, apartment prices were acceptable, but now they have risen. Some apartments were purchased for resale. It is worth noting that the authorities give a mortgage on very favorable terms.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that the new cities are not quite in favorable territories. Some are built in the middle of the desert, others in the mountains, and others in windy areas. The other side of the coin – designers have provided shelters under each house in the event of a disaster.

Only time will tell if the urbanization was successful. According to some versions, the Chinese are preparing for war: spare cities come in handy during the bombing.


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