More than 20 turtle footprints found in eastern China

(ORDO NEWS) — More than 20 turtle footprints were discovered at the dinosaur footprint fossil site during field research conducted by the Dinosaur Culture Research Center of Zhucheng City, East China’s Shandong Province.

According to the data, footprints of turtles were found in the middle and upper part of the site of accumulation of footprints of dinosaurs in the mentioned city.

One of the footprints left by the turtles is well-preserved and has been identified as a new taxon named “Zhuchengichnites perfectus,” which means “a complete footprint found in Zhucheng,” the research center said.

According to the information received, the fossil of Zhuchengichnites perfectus belongs to the Early Cretaceous period. It is a concave print with five fingers that are slightly longer than wide.

Fewer turtle footprints have been found in China compared to dinosaur footprints, researchers say.

Zhuchengichnites perfectus is one of the best-preserved turtle footprint fossils discovered to date and reflects the biological characteristics of the paws, providing new data to study the mechanisms of footprint formation.

Rich in dinosaur fossils, Zhucheng is known as China’s “Dinosaur City”. Since the 1960s, more than 30 dinosaur fossil burials with a total area of ​​​​about 1 thousand square meters have been discovered here. km.


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