More terrible than COVID-19: new threat to humanity

(ORDO NEWS) — Today the whole world is talking about how to defeat the coronavirus, but in fact there is another serious problem that can cause the death of a huge number of people.

Another threat to human health is the proliferation of superbugs. Every year, there are many deaths of people from infections that were caused by superbugs. Soon, the number of deaths may exceed a million people per year.

Of course, bacteria that aren’t afraid of antibiotics don’t get as much attention as the coronavirus. This can be explained by the fact that diseases caused by superbugs spread at a low speed and gradually. But doctors believe that they can become a new threat to humanity, which will become even worse than COVID-19. This will not happen so quickly, but the problem will be much more difficult to solve.

American medical centers have provided data that in the United States about 3 million people are infected each year with infections that are not afraid of antibiotics. In this case, about 35 thousand cases end in death. If nothing is done, then soon 10 million people will die from superbugs every year. It should be noted that only 230 thousand people die each year from tuberculosis, which is not treated with antibiotics.

Sarah Fortune and Steffany Stratdy said that the topic of superbugs has not been raised enough to date, and people do not understand the real threat of antibiotic-resistant infections. The doctors also added that if, over time, some super-resistant strain of bacteria, not previously known to science, appears, then it can cause the death of several times more people than the coronavirus killed.


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