Moose UFO abduction in Washington state in 1999

(ORDO NEWS) — On February 25, 1999, a group of 14 forestry workers witnessed an elk being lifted off the ground and carrying a strange flying disk-shaped object with it.

A few days later, the moose’s body was found a few kilometers from the place of the abduction.

On a cold winter morning on February 25, 1999, fourteen forestry workers were planting trees about 12 miles west of Mount St. Helens in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

For most of the morning, the three workers admired the wild elk grazing in the neighboring valley.

Suddenly, a flying disk with two stripes on the surface appeared from behind the top of a nearby ridge and began to hover in a northeasterly direction.

The men at first thought that it could be a parachute or a hang glider, but over time it did not lose altitude.

The subject turned to move towards the moose herd, and the three men called the rest of the work crew to come and take a look. All fourteen men stood and watched this strange object fly towards the elk.

The object moved silently and was able to get quite close to the herd before they noticed it. Seeing his approach, the moose got scared and ran east, towards the forest.

One elk separated from the rest and ran along the logging road to the north. A flying object flew after this lone moose.

Suddenly, some invisible force tore the elk off the ground. The object then flew away, along with the slowly rotating animal below it.

He moved up the ridge, barely past the tree line, and then down into the next valley and out of sight. A few minutes later, the device reappeared without a tethered elk and took off into the sky at great speed.

Witnesses reported that after the incident, a herd of moose remained in the same area, but huddled together.

Fairfax and Davenport examined the body of an elk found north of the site. They were unable to determine if this was the same moose that was seen swimming with the UFO, but suggested that it must have been him.

All 14 workers worked on this farm for more than a year and were recognized as reliable witnesses. However, there was no official investigation by the authorities.


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