Monkeys turned out to be music lovers

(ORDO NEWS) — Monkeys love to listen to music and watch the life of marine life on video, experts from the University of Glasgow in the UK and Aalto University in Finland have found. They told about this at the Conference on the development of interactive systems, held online.

Researchers placed special tunnels made of wood and plastic in an enclosure with three pale saki at the Finnish Zoo, inside of which they placed screens.

The tunnels were equipped with infrared sensors, passing by which the monkeys activated a video or audio that was played while the monkey remained in place.

Once trained to interact with the device, the monkeys were twice as likely to play audio than video. The Saki preferred music to the sounds of rain and traffic noise, and from the video they preferred recordings from the bottom of the sea.

The main goal of the study was to find out what kind of content the monkeys prefer, in order to then use it to enrich the environment in the enclosures.

“Animal-computer interaction is still an emerging area of ​​research. The data we collected in this study will be part of further developments.

The ultimate goal for us is to understand how animals access and understand computer systems in order to improve the living conditions of monkeys,” the scientists explained.


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