Monkey pox – statistics and current information about the disease

(ORDO NEWS) — People continue to contract monkeypox around the world. As of today, more than 70,000 people have been infected with the disease.

Such data was presented by WHO. They also explained what a dangerous disease can be, and which countries have the most sick people.

The number of newly registered infected cases is decreasing every day. But the disease cannot be completely stopped.

During an epidemic, such declines can be extremely dangerous.

All because people can forget about the epidemic, “relax” and return to their usual way of life. Because of this, the disease can break out again and affect even more people.

In 2022, cases of monkeypox infection were recorded in 107 WHO member countries.

In 39 countries on this list, no cases have been detected in the last three weeks. The highest incidence rate in the following countries:

  • Canada (1,400 cases)
  • Mexico (1,968 cases of disease)
  • Colombia (2,453 people infected)
  • Peru (2,587 cases of infection)
  • Germany (3,640 people)
  • Great Britain (3,654 people are sick with monkeypox)
  • France (4,043 people infected)
  • Spain (7209 cases)
  • Brazil (8147 people infected)
  • The USA is the absolute leader in this list. 26,723 cases of monkeypox infection were registered here. These 10 countries account for 87% of disease cases worldwide

Monkey pox is transmitted from animal to human, as well as from human to human.

The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, as well as sexually. Most of the sick people are homosexuals who had unprotected sex in African countries.

Today’s rate of spread of the disease is an outbreak, not an epidemic.

But it is impossible to lose vigilance, because at any moment the situation can become as difficult as with the coronavirus of the time.


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