Moderna warned of a dangerous new strain of coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Pharmaceutical company Moderna has warned that a completely new strain of coronavirus could emerge, which will be a hybrid of Delta and Omicron. This will happen if a person becomes infected with both viruses at the same time.

This statement was made by Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton. He noted that infection with two strains of coronavirus at once is possible only if a person has incredibly weak immunity. In the UK, both Delta and Omicron are actively spreading today, so there is a possibility of a new hybrid emerging.

If viruses enter the human body together, they can begin to evolve quite quickly, which will lead to the emergence of another mutation. When the same cell is infected, a supervariant of the coronavirus may appear.

Experts warned that such cases, which are called “recombination events”, are quite possible, but they will require specific conditions, as well as coincidence of those events that cannot be controlled.

During the entire time that the pandemic lasts, experts have registered only three strains that arose as a result of gene exchange. In addition, there are also random mutations of the virus, which can create more and more new variants.

To date, Omicron has already been recorded in 77 countries. It appeared on the territory of South Africa, where there is a fairly low level of vaccination.

Earlier, we wrote that the coronavirus began to spread in the United States and Europe back in 2019.

And also recall that in Hong Kong people who did not contact each other were infected with Omicron.


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