Modern smartphones with the best maintainability

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Named modern smartphones with the best maintainability. The rating was made by Craig Lloyd (Craig Lloyd), an engineer of the famous company iFixit.

Material specialist published in the publication Android Police. It lists the top 5 Android smartphones that can be called the most repairable.

The first on the list is the Fairphone 3, which is called the most repairable on the planet. It was he who scored 10 points out of 10 in the iFixit test. Its advantage is modularity with an easily removable battery and a screen that can be easily replaced. However, you can buy this smartphone only in Europe.

Fairphone 3 is followed by SHIFT6m. This is the latest product of the small German manufacturer Shiftphone. It is also available only in Europe.

Next comes the smartphone, which is also not officially sold in Russia, but at least is better known. This is Google Pixel 3a. He is the most maintainable smartphone from those that are produced by major manufacturers.

At the end, OnePlus 7T and Motorola G and E series smartphones are mentioned.


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