Modeled time machine

(ORDO NEWS) — The simulation of the “time machine” was carried out by an international team of cosmologists led by Metin Ata from the Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Universe. Kavli.

The simulations created recreate the complete life cycle of some of the largest galaxies observed in the early universe.

As follows from a study published in the journal Nature Astronomy, the simulation of the “time machine” allowed scientists to look at about 11 billion years ago.

These are cosmological simulations designed to help understand how the Universe was born and developed at an early stage.

The model was developed by a group of researchers who specialize in studying clusters of ancient galaxies. The scientists concluded that previous models were oversimplified.

“We decided to try to develop a complete simulation of the real early universe to see how structures are born and how their cycle ends,” says Ata.

The result was a development called COSTCO (Constrained Space Field Modeling). The authors say that developing the simulation was very similar to building a real time machine.

Light from the early universe is only now reaching Earth, and it was emitted by galaxies billions of years ago. This light is what we observe in telescopes today.

In fact, the developers focused on space images of the past. “It’s like finding an old black and white photo of your grandfather and making a video about his life,” say the authors of the project.

First, the researchers took pictures of young progenitor galaxies in the early universe, and then “rewound” their age forward.

Using new simulations, scientists have already obtained evidence for the existence of three previously predicted protoclusters of galaxies and disproved the existence of another similar structure.


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