Miracle of the Sun, 1917: Ancient Angels at Fatima and the common origin of the Star Gods

(ORDO NEWS) — If the phenomena said to have been witnessed at Fatima in 1917 had occurred centuries earlier, they could be called encounters with fairies or visions of spirits and demons.

Today, however, we might call them UFO events, or perhaps messages from other dimensions. That is, of course, if we perceive these encounters as a legitimate, physical experience.

The phenomenon of a cultural and religious paradigm filtering and then determining the meaning of anomalous events is a bias that is often purposeful and deliberate for many reasons. Control and fear are just two of them.

In the early spring of 1916, three children of local shepherds, Lucia Santos and her cousins ​​Jacinta and Francisco Marto, reported having been visited by an angel on several occasions.

These visitations later came to be known as and attributed to the Roman Catholic title of Our Lady of Fatima, or Virgin Mary.

As word of this spread, thousands of people flocked to the area to visit the children and the scene. The visitor was said to have promised a miracle on October 13 next year.

During the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, over 80,000 people witnessed the event at Fatima when a bright disk-like object spun in the sky and swept over the crowd below. The disc emitted colored lights and is said to have given off heat before disappearing back into the clouds.

Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 2
Lucia Santos (left) with his cousins ​​Jacinta and Francisco Marto, 1917
Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 3
Creature sketch of Fatima, 1917

Spiritual beliefs and the supernatural

Perhaps one of the most curious factors associated with the Fatima phenomena is that they were predicted by a group of psychics months before.

While this does not provide us with a further explanation of the visions, it does allow us to understand how the events at Fatima were shaped according to a particular religious interpretation, as opposed to a more bizarre and less defined series of encounters.

The Catholic Church views mediums’ divination and the occult as belonging to a demonic realm, so it is only natural that they wanted to suppress the claims of mediums who documented their communication with a deity that the church would later identify as the Virgin Mary.

But before considering these prophecies, which were printed in the Portuguese newspapers a few months before the events in Fatima, we must understand the social climate that existed in Portugal at that time.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Portugal was a Catholic country, but the establishment of the First Portuguese Republic in 1910 led to a period of instability and religious persecution.

It should also be remembered that the shadow of the Inquisition still weighed heavily on the European population, and the last execution of the “witch” took place only in 1826.

Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 4
Location of Fatima, Portugal

Behind Portugal’s orthodox exterior, folk and spiritual beliefs have always existed hand in hand with Christianity, resulting in a strange mixture of pagan and Catholic saints and holy figures that often alternated depending on the holiday or season. However, this was not always expressed openly.

The area around Fatima has a long history of pagan practices. Local folklore contains many stories of fairies and otherworldly encounters.

The rocky terrain and mountainous terrain is similar to the Benbulbin area in western Ireland, which also has a long tradition of a supernatural and mysterious people called the Gentry.

It is believed that these fabulous creatures sometimes communicate with people, offering them advice or warnings. At other times, they look at people with contempt, often hinting that they are in some way superior and more evolved.

There is a similar tradition in Portugal describing a race of supernatural women called the Mura Encantada who are said to have been the guardians of doors to other dimensions as well as to the earth itself.

These women were said to be able to rotate the sun, which is closely related to the latest apparition at Fatima, where thousands of witnesses watched a luminous oval of light rotate in the sky.

Predictions about something transcendent

It was in the anarchic social climate of traditional Catholicism and progressive politics that a group of Portuguese spiritualists began to receive messages or “transmissions” predicting a series of extraordinary events that would take place on May 13, 1917.

(On this day, the Fatima apparitions began). It is said that the mediums were so moved by the messages they conveyed that they decided to document them in newspaper ads and articles so that no one could later say that they were not genuine.

Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 5
Page from Ilustração Portuguesa, October 29, 1917, showing people looking at the Sun during Fatima apparitions attributed to the Virgin Mary

According to Filipe Furtado de Mendonce, who writes in his book Fatima’s Ray of Light, a group of mediums first advertised in the local paper, Diario de Noticias, where they announced that the forthcoming date of May 13 would be “a day of great happiness” and that “bright light” The morning star will light the way.

Another notable fact about this message is that the clairvoyant channeler wrote it backwards and could only be read by holding a piece of paper to a mirror.

This phenomenon of writing backwards occurs many times throughout the history of spiritualistic and shamanistic communications, especially in traditions that claim to be in contact with star people.

The original advertisement printed by the newspaper is still kept in the archives of the Diario de Noticias, and today it can be referred to in the issue of March 10, 1917, a full two months before the events in Fatima.

In Porto, another group of mediums received similar messages and also decided to document their messages in order to be able to prove their predictions. This second group received the message that “something transcendent” would happen on May 13th.

Again, to confirm these reports, advertisements were given in leading Portuguese newspapers such as O Primeiro de Jeneiro, Jornal de Noticias and Liberdade. The person who was credited with receiving these messages was a famous Portuguese psychic named Mr. Antonio.

Whether it was just a leisurely week of news in Portugal or something else, the fact is that these reports published in the newspapers caused a lot of buzz, and many skeptics and spiritually minded people were waiting for what will happen on May 13, if at all .

Miracle of the sun

The phenomena that followed created a legacy that still resonates around the world today. However, many aspects of these apparently supernatural events have changed significantly from how they were first reported.

For example, the so-called “Miracle of the Sun” is perhaps the most famous supernatural mass vision in history, but eyewitnesses never said that it was the sun flying through the air, they insisted that it was a second bright oval object that glowed like pearls.

Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 6
The crowd looking at the “Miracle of the Sun” occurred during the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917

Another confirmation is that the entity that appeared to the children never said that it came from heaven, but only pointed upwards when asked where it came from.

Throughout the series of apparitions, the children never saw the creature’s mouth move, but explained that they heard her words through the buzzing that resounded around them whenever the apparitions occurred.

Another physical attribute that was altered by the Catholic Church was that the creature was said to be less than three feet tall and appeared to be bald.

During interrogations and revision, the children changed this appearance to the appearance of a tall, beautiful woman, more in line with the church archetype of the Virgin Mary.

Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 7
Original depiction of Our Lady of Guadalupe (also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe) displayed at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The Catholic Church considers the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, imprinted on the cloak of Juan Diego, a painting of supernatural origin

A phenomenon that spreads through culture and time

Many other seers and spiritual leaders of the time also claimed to have received messages in this way. Alice Bailey said that she was the recipient of messages from a higher civilization from Sirius.

Aleister Crowley and Rudolf Steiner in 1904 received the messages that formed the basis of their most famous works, The Book of the Law and The Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Achievement, respectively.

Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 8
Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stop by Gustave Doré (d. 1883)

Going back even further, we have the experiences and stories of the Dogon people who claim that they, too, received their wisdom from beings from Sirius, although the Dogon themselves are rather cryptic when it comes to explaining the methods of transmission and whether they were physical or intangible. messengers who contacted them.

The Dogon have a very sophisticated level of knowledge in science and quantum mechanics that early anthropologists could not have known, and some of the newest discoveries of modern science are only beginning to match what the Dogon have described for centuries and what they say they have known for centuries. millennia.

A striking similarity exists between the ancient amphibious gods, the Oannes, who are said to have come from the stars and brought civilizational skills to early humans, and the Dogon deities, Nommo.

On carvings, these gods and beings are often depicted immersed in waves, which can also symbolize their immaterial and quantum nature.

Miracle of the Sun 1917 Ancient Angels at Fatima and the Common Origin of the Star Gods 9
Semitic god Dagon, drawing based on the relief “Oannes” in Khorsabad

Another interesting parallel is the phonetic similarity between Oannes and Noah, who are both civilizers coming out of the water.

This is supported by the fact that the biblical Noah and the story of the flood is a much older Sumerian myth, linking the Dogon with the myths and gods of this time.

Ancient Agents of change

Could it be that all these deities come from the same place, and the messages they bring vary depending on the culture and development of the people who receive them?

Is it possible that the Hopi star beings, the kachinas, who are also said to come from Sirius, are the same beings that appeared to the Dogon? The Hopi name one of their savior gods Anu, which is also the name of the Babylonian sky god, for example.

Could these deities be the same messengers who appeared at Fatima and were guided by Aleister Crowley and Rudolf Steiner, or are all these transmissions a kind of unconscious cultural impulse?

When we also take into account the many other religious movements that started with apparitions or channelings, we begin to see a very ancient picture.

Whether we consider Mormonism, Abrahamic beliefs, Buddhism, Hinduism, or various shamanistic traditions, one common feature is the starting point where beings who claim to be outside the human realm are the initiators of a new paradigm.

Is this just a coincidence or could it be something deeper?


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