Minneapolis on fire

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Peaceful demonstrations demanding justice grew into aggressive agony. This opinion was expressed by a resident of Minneapolis from the scene.

In the US state of Minnesota, riots and protests continue after the death of African-American George Floyd, who was strangled by a policeman during his arrest . The 46-year-old man was stopped after he paid at the store with a fake bill.

According to her, at the moment the situation in the city has calmed down.

“Now there are no pogroms, military cordons have appeared, fires are being extinguished. There are passers-by on the streets who shoot everything that is happening on phones,” she said.

According to the witness of the events, the rally took place until three in the morning. Protesters demanded that the police not only be fired, but arrested.

As Komisarchuk noted, until a medical examination is carried out, no one can take them into custody: “People are rebelling, they demand the arrest of police officers.”

The day before, the US National Guard arrived in Minneapolis to protect firefighters who put out the police station. The problem was that there was no information whether gas was turned off at the police station. And there was a chance that the building could explode.

Also, because of protests in Minneapolis, a state of emergency was introduced. US authorities turned to citizens through the media so that they would not go out.

According to Komisarchuk, the situation in the city was tense.

“The shooting was dangerous and scary. The demonstrators threw something like that at the Molotov Cocktail,” she said.

Schools are now closed due to quarantine, 90% of working grocery stores have been looted. “The protesters broke in and robbed,” an eyewitness added.

According to Komisarchuk, protesters began to gather near the police station at 13 o’clock in the afternoon, where the police worked. Then they continued the march to the city center, among them were rebels, just protesting and aggressive people. Within a few hours, they began to rob stores and take out everything there, including clothes, telephones, and so on.

“And it looked like agony in aggression,” she stated.


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