Millions of people could die of hunger in North Korea

(ORDO NEWS) — The history of the 1990s may repeat itself: famine is again approaching North Korea. Last time, about 3 million citizens died. It is not excluded that this time there will be the same human losses.

Kim Jong-un spoke about the problem at the party congress. The problems arose as a result of the complete cessation of trade with China, as well as international sanctions on the country’s nuclear policy.

According to Human Rights Watch, which investigates human rights abuses in more than 70 countries, almost no food is brought into North Korea. T

he cost of a kilogram of corn, the staple food of citizens, began to exceed the monthly salary. More or less lucky people who live near the border with China: they have the opportunity to smuggle food.

Closed borders are a verdict for the people of North Korea. There are already data on deaths, as well as on begging by the elderly and children, since their families are unable to feed them.


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