Millions of lives and several nuclear power plants are under threat

(ORDO NEWS) — Wang Wei Luo, a hydrologist, is convinced that a catastrophe could take place soon, which would take millions of lives. The man fears that in the near future he may break through the Three Gorges Dam, and it is the largest in the world.

The construction on the Yangtze River is on the verge of destruction. There is also a threat to several nuclear power plants located downstream. The authorities are aware of the danger of this situation, so they began to evacuate citizens. So far, 7300 residents have left their homes near the lying houses.

The aggravation of the situation on the dam was due to heavy rains, which lasted for weeks. Workers drained the water several times, but it quickly replenished. According to authorities, almost nothing threatens the dam. However, we know that you can’t trust them.

Hydrologist Valuo notes that the same people worked on the design, construction and quality control. This is fundamentally wrong, because in this case, the risks of a crash increase significantly. According to the scientist, the dam is not able to hold back flood water due to savings on materials during construction: low-quality concrete was used, which has already caused serious cracks in several places.

Bad weather caused a rise in water level in 148 rivers. The main blow falls on the dam. The fact is that the fact that there are 66 nuclear power plants located downstream of the Yangtze, some of which will certainly be destroyed, is tense.

The consequences of the disaster are hard to imagine. The dam construction project, it is worth noting, initially had flaws, but they decided to implement it. Now ordinary people will have to pay for the negligence of engineers and architects.


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