Military provocations, popular riots and earthquakes: what to expect in August 2020

(ORDO NEWS) — Astrologer Tatyana Lukashevich spoke about which days in August 2020 can be dangerous and how they can turn out to be for people. At the same time, the specialist added that this month will be so difficult that the spring of this year will seem to be just “a rest in a sanatorium”.

The astrologer warned that for almost the entire month Mars will transmit its energy of conflict to Jupiter and Saturn. These can be provocations of a military nature, popular riots, earthquakes, political tension and so on.

The first two days of the month, unexpected events will occur, and there may be communication problems. At this time, you should not carry out any operations and be very attentive, especially to car drivers.
On August 2-4, problems may arise during the conclusion of contracts. It is also undesirable to negotiate with government agencies at this time.

August 3 is considered a day of too high emotionality. All the acquaintances that will take place on August 6 can be called karmic. On August 7, the relationship becomes more emotional. You may want to spend time with your family or to do household chores.

On August 8, military provocations may arise, and relations between people will be too tense. August 9 is the day when you need to control yourself and not quarrel with loved ones.

On August 13, some fatal circumstances may occur. You should be extremely careful with the authorities. On August 15, due to the activity of Uranus, problems with electricity and the Internet may appear. It is better not to make any flights on this day.

On August 16-19, you should not commit any rash acts, you should not quarrel with your family. At the end of the month, you should be very careful, because the risk of injury increases. There is no need to overestimate your capabilities, because all plans can be quickly destroyed.


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