Military plane makes an emergency landing on a beach in Florida

(ORDO NEWS) — Literally a few meters from the beach with vacationers, a plane from the Second World War made an emergency landing. This action was watched by thousands of people. Photos and videos were mesmerized on all social networks. What was happening was like an incredible scene from a movie.

It was necessary to land on the beach, a dozen meters away from people, due to technical malfunctions. A photo of this landing was posted by Dita Deitmer. She also told how she became an eyewitness of what was happening.

She told how she went to the beach to do a photo shoot. Due to the nearby air show, she had to walk several miles further from Cocoa Beach. Taking pictures, she noticed how the plane was flying towards the location of the show. But at the most unexpected moment, he landed right on the water, next to the shore.

There were people around at that moment, even in the water. Everything happened very quickly and it was a great happiness that no one was hurt. The pilot showed the highest skill!

By the way, the pilot was at the helm of not just an airplane, but a rare Grumman TBM-3U Avenger (a device from the Second World War). It was restored for 18 years, only in 2020 it was returned to operation. This is a more rare exhibit than a combat vehicle today.

The reason for the planting is simple – technical malfunctions, and this is after 18 years of restoration work. Most likely from COVID-19 and lockdowns for the year, the plane fell into dust. Or a sufficient number of flights were not carried out on time.


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