Migrants from Siberia 30,000 years ago brought high technology to Göbeklitepe

(ORDO NEWS) — Professor Semih Güneri, lecturer from the Center for Archeological Research of the Caucasus Central Asia of Dokuz Eylul University (DEU), stated that they discovered new archaeological information that was transported from Siberia to Göbeklitepe, and said that stone tools made by Microblade technology were found, which is evidence of the use of appropriate technology.

Microblade technology is a period of technological development marked by the creation and use of small stone blades, which are produced by chipping silica-rich stones such as devil, quartz or obsidian.

Prof. Semih Güneri made the first presentation of the Siberia-Göbeklitepe hypothesis, which they have developed in recent years, in two separate sessions together with his colleague Prof. Ekaterina Lipnina.

Professor Güneri stated that a migration began from Siberia 30 thousand years ago, which spread to all of Asia, and then to Eastern and Northern Europe, and stated that they traced these migrations through archaeological sites.

Migrants from Siberia 30000 years ago brought high technology to Gobeklitepe 1

Professor Güneri stated that the most important branch of migration extends to the Middle East and said:

“Mass migrations from Siberia to Zagros using the Central Asian mountain corridor must have reached the areas of the Göbeklitepe culture through northern Iraq.

According to the current results of our research colleagues, specific traces of the production of stone tools made using Microblade technology by the Upper Paleolithic Siberian peoples, represented by the early North Asian genetic group, were previously identified in this region by our Russian and European colleagues.”

“We see the products of printing Microblade technology developed by the ancient North Asian peoples from 30,000 BC in the Zagros region in the early Holocene. This technology then passes into the Göbeklitepe culture.

Although the Göbeklitepe culture represents an earlier period in the process of formation, Eastern Mediterranean Epipaleolithic cultures do not play a decisive role.The connection of the high Göbeklitepe culture with the bearers of Siberian technology of stamped micro-bladed stone tools is no longer a secret.

The results of the genetic analysis of the Zagroslar region confirm traces of Siberian/North Asian indigenous peoples who reached the Zagros through the Central Asian mountain corridor, met and merged with the Göbeklitepe culture over northern Iraq.”

Migrants from Siberia 30000 years ago brought high technology to Gobeklitepe 2

Noting that in 2019 they were conducting research in the Baikal region, both in excavation sites and in laboratories, Prof. Dr. Semih Güneri pointed out that the research was published in the most authoritative archaeological peer-reviewed journal in Turkey, and said: “Micro blades with The impressions we are working on are tiny incisors measuring 2-5 mm.

These are precision instruments used in the finest work by applying them to bone material.The fact that our study was published in such a journal confirms our hypothesis.We are the first announced their work to a wide circle at an international meeting – a seminar “Proto-Turks, bringing culture to the world””.

“Migratory movements are considered migration only if they can be confirmed by archaeological documents,” continues Prof. Dr. Gouneri.


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