Microsoft created a chat bot that simulates deceased people

(ORDO NEWS) — Microsoft has filed a patent application with which it can digitally resurrect deceased relatives of people. They will be represented by chatbots with artificial intelligence and will be able to use the personal data of a person.

According to preliminary data, the chatbot will use messages sent on social networks, voice data, photos, and more. The company also offers to develop additionally a 2D or 3D model of a person. In this case, a complete imitation of a specific person by a chat bot will occur.

If this patent is approved, it will be possible to use it not only for creating chat bots exclusively for those relatives who have already died. Technology will help create a popular figure or even a fictional character.

It should be noted that today this technology is already considered outdated for some people. For example, last fall, Kanye West acquired Kim Kardashian for her father’s chatbot birthday. The hologram was not much different from the behavior of the real Robert Kardashian.


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