Microsoft and Sony plan to release cameras with artificial intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) — Literally today it became known that the largest companies Microsoft and Sony are planning to release cameras with artificial intelligence. The company announced the start of cooperation within the framework of this initiative on the official Microsoft website.

So, within the framework of this partnership, companies intend to integrate the capabilities of Microsoft Azure and the Sony IMX500 image sensor, which, by the way, is the world’s first image sensor with an integrated artificial intelligence processor.

For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft Azure is a computer application that is designed for a range of uses such as public cloud computing, platform as a service, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence. It’s a very popular application, so much so that people can take the ai-900 exam if they feel they have the appropriate knowledge for it and gain a qualification that will be very beneficial for their career. With the popularity of Azure, it’s no wonder that Microsoft is constantly looking to find innovative applications for it.

The Japanese company Sony also expects to develop a program for “smart” cameras using the capabilities of IoT services, which are presented in Microsoft Azure. It is expected that through such a combination, the capabilities of video analytics for corporate clients will be expanded.

“Through this partnership, we combine Microsoft’s expertise in delivering robust enterprise-class AI and analytics solutions with Sony’s established image sensor market leadership to help open new opportunities for our common customers and partners,” said company representatives.

It is noted that cameras with artificial intelligence can be in demand in many areas. So, retailers, armed with them, will be able to conveniently determine when it is necessary to replenish stocks of goods, while manufacturers will be able to analyze real-time hazards in the workplace.


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