Micropenis, hypospadias and testicular problems what hit Hitler

(ORDO NEWS) — History lovers know that Adolf Hitler had a whole bunch of diseases, both physical and mental.

In addition, Hitler was “lucky” to become the owner of a motley bouquet of diseases below the belt, which included disorders that rarely occur together.

Having a history of diagnoses such as micropenis, undescended testicles, and hypospadias is like pulling out a prize lottery ticket, only in reverse. But Hitler managed to hit a real jackpot of pathologies – he had all three diseases.

Hitler’s Medical History: Hypospadias

In 2015, historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie analyzed Hitler’s medical records and claimed to have found evidence for a very rare condition called hypospadias, which results in abnormally small and deformed genitalia, sometimes referred to as a “micropenis.”

In a nutshell, hypospadias disease is a malformation of the urethra and penile region, in which the meatus (external opening) is not located at the tip of the penis, as in healthy men, but somewhere along the rod, at its base, or even in the crotch.

As a result of the disease, the patient experiences not only and not so much physical discomfort as moral. Hypospadias is detected on average in one patient out of a thousand.

Rare deformity – micropenis

Normally, when a male fetus develops in the womb, the cells that make up the urethra migrate out of the abdomen towards what will eventually become the penis.

If, during fetal development, testosterone levels fall sharply and dramatically, the end point of the urethra may not completely move to the tip of the penis, which, judging by the surviving medical records, happened to Hitler.

Micropenis hypospadias and testicular problems what hit Hitler 1Scientists believe that Hitler’s bouts of aggression and misanthropy were associated with health problems in the genital area.

Testosterone also supports the overall development of the penis. A disease called micropenis speaks for itself: this is when a man’s penis is not just small, but literally microscopic. With such a pathology, a full-fledged sexual life can be objectively difficult or even impossible.

The disease develops in case of a violation of the synthesis of hormones or a malfunction of their receptors, when there are features of the development of the reproductive system with deviations towards intersex (violations of the sexual development of the body).

In boys, the same micropenis can be observed, while in girls, on the contrary, clitoromegaly. Such a violation occurs in about 2% of adult men, among whom, according to Mayo and Craigie, was Hitler.

Congenital pathology – cryptorchidism

Low testosterone levels affect another not the most pleasant pathology – cryptorchidism (undescended testicle into the scrotum).

In December 2015, a study was published claiming that Hitler suffered from the disease, among other things. Histologically, it was established that morphological changes begin in undescended testicles even in fetal development.

Normal spermatogenesis is possible only in the scrotum, where the temperature is 1.5-2.5 degrees Celsius lower than in the abdominal cavity. The higher the testicle is located in the abdominal cavity, the more reproductive function suffers.

Micropenis hypospadias and testicular problems what hit Hitler 2                                                 Perhaps due to illness, Adolf Hitler did not have children.

Developmental disorders in cryptorchidism do not end there. The function of hormone production is disrupted, boys are prone to overweight.

The timely and complete development of secondary sexual characteristics is disrupted: there is almost no hair growth in the pubic part of the body and groin, the mustache and beard grow slowly, weakly. With age, impotence develops.

Signs of a mental disorder

With such a bunch of diseases below the belt, it is difficult to remain adequate, calm and not suffer from phobias and depression.

And if you add other physical and mental disorders to the list, including schizophrenia and the Fuhrer’s homosexual inclinations, which were confirmed by a declassified CIA report in 2018, then we have a portrait of a classic clinical psychopath according to Sigmund Freud.

Hitler was often described as a psychiatric patient. There was no other explanation for his lack of empathy for people and his inhuman outlook on life.

Hitler showed no remorse for his actions. Most of the time, he seemed to act without thinking about the consequences.

In 1993, Desmond Henry, Dick Geary and Peter Tyrer, an interdisciplinary group of psychiatrists, published an article describing that Hitler suffered from antisocial personality disorder.

Hitler trusted no one and was paranoid, which helped analysts conclude that he had a theatrical personality disorder, which spurred his sadistic movement.


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