Microorganisms-tardigrades will become the first interstellar travelers of planet Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are now thinking about what living organisms from Earth could be sent into space. So far, the first place in the ranking is occupied by tardigrades, or “water bears”. More about this was told by one of the researchers – Stephen Lantin.

According to scientists, they chose organisms for sending into space according to several criteria. They had to be small in size and have a small body mass. As a result, the choice narrowed down to tardigrade, some forms of bacteria, individual cells, the worm C. elegans.

Tardigrades are the best for the role of travelers. These are organisms that are also known as water bears. This name is due to the fact that under a microscope they look like eight-legged bears. In addition, they are resistant to radiation exposure, can survive in the most difficult conditions.

The ideal, scientists say, would be to send tardigrades into space in an environment without water. And later they could be revived remotely with water or something else. So it will be possible to observe how many tardigrades were eventually able to be reborn in the space environment, how their cells change, etc.

Microorganisms tardigrades will become the first interstellar travelers of planet Earth 2

True, in this case, the method of sending such microorganisms into space will be ready only in about 20 years. The launch of the spacecraft with tardigrades will take place using laser technology. That is, the ship will accelerate thanks to the laser beams directed at the laser sail.


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