Michio Kaku stated that Now the Pentagon must prove that UFOs are out of this world

(ORDO NEWS) — Three years ago, Dr. Michio Kaku spoke at a conference where he developed the topic of UFOs, trying to understand “why they cannot be objects or ships from other worlds.”

Then a well-known theoretical physicist asked the participants of the UFO Congress “to present evidence.”
Now Kaku claims that UFOs do not obey the known laws of aerodynamics and are beyond the scope of technology that a person could create today.

A few years later, Michio Kaku suggested that the UFO phenomenon had revealed such incredible technology that now the military must prove that UFOs are not objects from other worlds.

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Michio Kaku explained how various sightings were confirmed by credible witnesses.

“Before, people who believed in UFOs had to prove their existence, but now that burden has passed to the Pentagon, to the military, and it is they who now have to prove that UFOs are not alien technology.”

In the past, scientists considered it taboo to discuss or even be interested in UFOs. However, in recent years, so much evidence has accumulated that this paradigm has simply collapsed.

What’s interesting is that these UFOs don’t make noise when passing through the sound barrier that can be heard for miles in all directions.

Unidentified objects are virtually silent and have no visible propulsion. This shows that the objects are not of this world, because currently no top-secret built aircraft or apparatus operates in this way.

Thus, UFOs do not obey the laws of physics, function beyond our understanding and violate the known laws of aerodynamics.

UFOs can descend to 20,000 meters in a matter of seconds, and the most interesting thing is that they can even move underwater, something that researchers were not even aware of before.

“UFOs move at incredible speeds, from Mach 5 to Mach 20, which is twenty times the speed of sound, something that a person cannot withstand, and such a drone will be completely impossible to control.”

Michio Kaku now acknowledges that these objects are out of this world, and he believes that “we are not alone, and never have been, and that someone is haunting us.”


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