MH370 Mystery: A close comrade of Zachary Shah receives a strange note

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(ORDO NEWS) — Initially, it was believed that MH370 fell into the South China Sea, and a “close friend” of Zachary Shah a few days later received a note about where he really was.

A Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared on a flight to Beijing on March 8, 2014. Then there were 239 people on board. The last time Zaharie Shah contacted air traffic controllers during a flight over the South China Sea, and then abruptly disappeared from the radar. In order to explain the mystery of the disappearance of the plane, a huge number of theories have been put forward.

Then they conducted an analysis using the Inmarsat satellite, which was in contact with the aircraft, which showed that the wreck occurred in the southern Indian Ocean.

Florence de Changy published a book in which she told the real story of the plane’s disappearance. The book was written after a conversation with Shah’s friend Peter Chong. He was allegedly given a note stating that the plane crashed in the Gulf of Thailand.

When Shah’s friend flew back from Bangkok on March 10, he turned his attention to the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand. Search operations were actually carried out there, in which 40 aircraft and a couple of dozen ships, provided by different countries, took part.

The search was carried out for three years. An area of ​​46 thousand square miles was investigated, but the plane was never found. In 2018, the search resumed, but again did not bring any results. Therefore, to this day, the disappearance of the plane remains a mystery about which a variety of theories have been put forward.


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