Mexico discovered new species of mushroom-speaking salamander

(ORDO NEWS) — In the tropical rainforests of the Mexican state of Guerrero, which is located in the southern part of the country, herpetologists discovered a salamander unknown to science. A small (and very pretty) tailed amphibian of black color was found during an expedition of scientists to the central part of the Sierra Madre del Sur ridge.

An open view of the salamanders was named Bolitoglossa coixtlahuaca – in honor of the Mexican village of Coaxtlahuacán , near which amphibians were found. Thus, the researchers decided to express gratitude to the villagers who were friendly with the scientists and helped them during the field work.

The new salamander belongs to the genus mushroom-speaking ( Bolitoglossa ) and the family of lung-free ( Plethodontidae ) salamander.

The lungless salamanders (as you might have guessed) are deprived of their lungs, but this does not in the least prevent them from enjoying life: these amphibians breathe directly through the skin. Moreover, Plethodontidae is one of the most common salamander families in which there are about 380 species.

A new species was attributed to the subgenus of the lungless salamander Oaxakia , which now has six species.

Scientists recall the relative lack of knowledge of the state of Guerrero in terms of the diversity of amphibians in its territory (and the discovery of an isolated group of salamanders who turned out to be representatives of a new species, this only confirms).

They write that in the last century there was known only about one species of tailed amphibians. Later, their number increased to 15, but it cannot be ruled out that in fact the biodiversity of salamanders is much greater. The whole study can be readhere.


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