Method to make bombers inaccessible to Russia and China

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the United States, they called a method to make bombers inaccessible to Russia and China. This will help the new practice of using aircraft.

The Indo-Pacific and Strategic Command of the United States reported that two B-1B bombers carried out the longest “patrol” over the South China Sea in recent times. The flight lasted 32 hours.

The command noted that this operation demonstrates how the US Air Force (US Air Force) can be used to implement a national defense strategy. “We are talking about the constant presence of our strategic bombers where it helps our partners and allies ,” it was informed.

Military Review writes that two B-1Bs took off from an air base in South Dakota. At a certain section of the route, the bombers were accompanied by six American F-16 fighters and several Japanese F-15s.

It is noted that the new aviation strategy in the Indo-Pacific region involves the use of aircraft not only from the base on the island of Guam, as it was before. Most often, strategic aviation will fly into the air for patrolling from the continental United States. Such a practice will make bombers “inaccessible at airfields for Russia and China.”


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