Methane leaks found on Mars, which can be produced by microbes

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists managed to find a place where methane comes in large quantities. The source of the gas was detected in the vicinity of the Curiosity rover.

This is reported by Science Alert.

Curiosity landed on Mars back in 2012 at Gale Crater. During all these years, the device recorded methane outbreaks 6 times. Experts have analyzed the data and now believe that they have managed to find the place of the methane leak.

The researchers created a special computer model that took many factors into account. The main ones were the wind speed and its direction directly during the methane release. Scientists have traced the gas to find specific points on the planet’s surface.

The fact that the rover landed in the immediate vicinity of the place that experts have been looking for for a long time can be called a real miracle. Now it becomes much easier to study the places of gas flares.

Methane, which is present in the atmosphere of our planet, is completely biological in origin. The presence of such a gas on the Red Planet may indicate that life is present there. In the event that methane is not formed under the influence of some biological process, then its presence indicates geological activity. Accordingly, Mars has water that is needed even for minimal life.

Methane on Mars can last no more than 330 years. After that, it is completely destroyed, in which the sun’s rays take part. This suggests that the source is producing gas as before.


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