Methane found in the atmosphere of Mars it can be produced by living organisms

(ORDO NEWS) — The question of the presence of life on the Red Planet again became relevant: European scientists using a probe found signs of carbon dioxide and ozone in the atmosphere. Methane was also discovered, which is mainly produced by living organisms.

Methane on Mars was discovered back in 2003. Even then, scientists were talking about a possible alien life. This is due to the fact that this substance is formed in several ways: either in the process of volcanic activity, or biological, that is, this gas is produced by bacteria.

New data collected by the European Space Agency’s probe suggests high concentrations of several gases (CO 2 and O 3 ) at wavelengths where experts expected to see methane. According to Kevin Olsen of the University of Oxford, the discovery is something amazing: the substances are in the exact range of wavelengths where everyone expected to register methane in large quantities. For the first time on Mars, ozone was discovered in a completely different place.

The atmosphere of Mars is about a hundred times thinner than Earth’s and has been studied by the Exo Mars apparatus for two years. The air shell consists of a certain amount of nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone and other elements.

The presence of carbon dioxide in a place where experts “hunt” for methane may play a role in the further finding of methane. This gas “lives” for only 400 years, so its presence even in small quantities indicates either geological processes or the vital activity of bacteria deep in the bowels of the planet. Exploration of the Red Planet will continue. Maybe the methane mystery will be solved and people will really find living organisms on the Red Planet.


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