Meteorologists – the weather in Cyprus is crazy

(ORDO NEWS) — The off-season low-pressure system brought isolated downpours and thunderstorms to Cyprus, mainly in the mountains and inland.

The head of the Department of Meteorology of Cyprus, Cleantis Nikolaidis, said that the weather left experts puzzled, since such systems are common only in the winter season, and not in July, when the temperature reaches its annual maximum.

Although it is not unusual for a country to experience summer rainfall, rain and thunderstorms this time came from a low pressure system, which is common during the winter season.

“We would not say that the weather is crazy, but it certainly does not behave in accordance with the textbook,” said Nikolaides.

“It is not normal to be affected by a pressure system that should only be in winter and not during the summer, with the result that the temperature drops from 41 ° C to 35 ° C in a few days.”

Nikolaides added that such phenomena are not common for the region and the country, noting that they usually occur in the northern parts of the Earth, such as the Scandinavian region.

“It’s a rarity in Central Europe. Definitely not the Eastern Mediterranean.”


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