Meteorite made Canadian residents think nuclear war had started

(ORDO NEWS) — In the sky over the village of Alberta (Canada), the locals saw a blue glow with a blue tail, which seriously scared people. Some thought that a nuclear war had begun.

The meteorite overcame the atmosphere of our planet on the night of February 22. A huge explosion followed: so powerful that it was observed from some of the border areas of the United States.

The size and brightness of the flash did not allow immediate identification of the subject. Quite a few people decided that a military projectile had been fired. Residents later went to the International Meteor Organization to report their sightings.

The body turned out to be incredibly bright. It literally swept over the heads of the Canadians. For five minutes, the bright traces did not disappear anywhere. Residents were delighted when they made sure that the phenomenon is natural, and not an undertaking by the military of any country.

The bright light was caused by the heating of the meteorite during the fall. The temperatures are always so high that the trace from the body does not disappear for a long time.


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