Meteor just exploded over Turkey

(ORDO NEWS) — On Wednesday evening, May 27, residents of northern Turkey were invited to an exciting light show. Social media videos show that a meteor swept through the sky and then exploded in the air.

The Turkish Daily Sabah news site reports that the “fireball” was visible in several provinces around 8:30 pm local time, including Artvin, Erzurum, Sivas, Tunsel and Ardahan.

This is an amazing sight, shot from different angles, clearly showing that the object exploded at a considerable height. It has not yet been confirmed that the object was a meteor, but Daily Sabah reports that meteorologists rated it as what we expect from a “meteor shower”.

In addition, this behavior of the space guest is consistent with cosmic stones, which have the misfortune to get into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is because most meteors that reach the atmosphere of our planet do not actually reach the Earth; in any case, unchanged.

In fact, we are under constant bombardment of cosmic stones. It is estimated that millions of meteors and micrometeors enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day. Most of them are tiny, the size of a grain of sand or a pea, and burn out before we even know that they exist.

A much smaller number of large cosmic stones visit the Earth’s atmosphere several times a year, they are the meteors that we usually notice. Many imagine impressive fireballs in the sky, called fireballs, as an object that illuminates the sky over Turkey.

At the time of this writing, the NASA database has registered 822 such cars since 1988, an average of about 25 per year, which were distributed quite randomly across the globe. Since most of the Earth’s surface is water – about 71 percent – it is over the oceans that most of the meteors explode.


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