Message to humanity – The third message to humanity from the alien Coalition

(ORDO NEWS) — The Coalition Observer Detachment, further calling itself KOH, addresses the intelligent inhabitants of the Earth, the race calling itself Humanity. This appeal of KOH to earthlings is the third, control one.

The first appeal was conveyed by KON in 576 from (mb to – we publish according to the publication in the “Siberian newspaper” No. 40 for 1990) of the Nativity of Christ to the inhabitants of the city of Anuradhapura, the largest city on Earth at that time.

The second message was transmitted by the KOH in 711 AD to the inhabitants of the city of Tezcacoatl, the largest city on the American mainland at that time.

The present KOH address to earthlings is basically identical to the first two in content, composed in the main languages ​​of the Earth today: Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish. The text of the appeal has been corrected taking into account the current level of knowledge and delusions of the inhabitants of the Earth. The purpose of the appeal is to offer to hold in some future negotiations between representatives of Humanity and representatives of the Coalition on the subject of Humanity’s entry into the Coalition.

Since negotiations will be possible only after Humanity has fulfilled certain preconditions, these conditions are given below, preceded for their correct understanding, both by brief information of a cosmogonic nature and by a comparative characteristic of the way of thinking of Humanity.

Chapter 1

By now, Mankind has formed an idea of ​​the Universe for itself, on the whole, is more correct than at the time of the first and second revolutions. Indeed, the Earth is not flat and is not at the center of the universe.

Indeed, the Earth, as one of the planets, revolves around the Sun. Indeed, the Sun is not located in the center of the Universe, but is one of the stars that make up the Galaxy.

Indeed, the last of the transformations of energy that support the activity of the stars and, accordingly, the Sun and enable the existence of life on the Earth and planets similar to it, is a thermonuclear reaction.

Indeed, the intelligent race of earthlings is not the only one in the universe.

Otherwise, most of your cosmogonic guesses are wrong.

It is a delusion that your scientists believe in the existence of some, even if not yet discovered by them, immutable laws of the Universe and in the constancy of world constants. So, the gravitational constant changes noticeably within your solar system, not to mention larger scales, which led to significant errors in your determination of the size of the Galaxy and the distances to other galaxies and caused the appearance of erroneous theories of a closed Universe, and this year the theory of a scattering The universe.

The idea of ​​the universal three-dimensionality of space, on which your cosmogonic ideas are primarily based, is also mistaken. The world is chaotic, there is nothing immutable in it, including dimensions. The dimension of space in the Universe fluctuates, smoothly changes over a very wide range. The best condition for the emergence of organic life is the dimensionality of space, equal to Pi (3.14159 …). Significant deviations from this value have a detrimental effect on living nature. Currently, the vicinity of the solar system has a dimension of +3,00017 …, and the proximity of this number to an integer 3 misled you.

In the vicinity of your cluster of galaxies, a gravitational cyclone is drifting with a dimension of -3.15 … in the center, which can touch the edge of your Galaxy, destroying organic life on all planets on which protection measures will not be taken.

In particular, this circumstance makes it necessary for you to join the Coalition of Mankind in a short time, at the latest 65,000 years after the filing of this appeal – from 1929 from the Nativity of Christ, so that the Coalition could help Mankind in preparing for a cyclone.

There are currently about 220,000 sentient races in your galaxy who have already joined the coalition, and about 1,000 sentient races considering joining, including you.

KON asks you not to take the message about the gravity cyclone as an attempt to influence your answer.

You are mistaken in deciding the question of the origin of the solar system and life on Earth. The solar system arose from a dust cloud seeded by the construction team of the Coalition in the Universe, which meets two basic requirements for the conditions for the development and emergence of organic life:

  • in an area far enough from the rest of the stars,
  • having a dimension of space close to + Pi.

You are mistaken in assimilating an intelligent race to a living individual, presenting in some future decrepitude and death of Mankind as inevitable. In the evolutionary process, new species of living beings descend from some of the older species, and it should be your concern that new species of intelligent races on Earth descend from yours. It is this consideration that should determine the strategy for the development of an intelligent race. Meanwhile, according to the observations of KOH, Mankind is not at all guided by such or a similar strategy, leaving its development to chance and directing all its efforts to satisfy short-term needs.

You should not think that your delusions are accidental, transient. They are inevitable and stable due to the specifics of your thinking, a brief analysis of which is devoted to the next chapter.

Chapter 2

The thinking of living matter and the very existence and development of living matter have a common basis. Both are countercurrent entropy. In thinking, this countercurrent is expressed in the search for consistency. Your thinking is also characterized by a search for consistency, but this is where the similarity of your thinking with the thinking characteristic of the vast majority of intelligent races that make up the Coalition ends.

This circumstance forces many members of the KON to doubt the legitimacy of referring to you as an intelligent race. The basis of your logic is the concept of “yes” – “no”, as if they were real and repeatedly manifested in a stepwise analysis of any complex issue. Moreover, the number of steps in the analysis is finite and most often very small, even when you are investigating a rather serious problem. Searching for an answer comes down to choosing one of 2 where 2 is the number of steps, possible solutions, while the most correct solution most often lies between them.

Your mathematicians will understand the following analogy: the solution to a problem that appears after solving private polls like “yes” – “no” is similar to choosing one of the vertices of the N-dimensional cube, while the space of possible solutions is, in the first approximation, all points of the N-dimensional space. If you do not specify, then the real dimensionality of the solution space is most often determined by you incorrectly and very rarely is in fact an integer.

Our attitude towards you as an intelligent race is complicated by the following considerations. As far as we can judge, any scientific or legal law, the meaning of a discovery or invention, the essence of any of your thoughts can be expressed by you in a phrase containing at most 100 words from a dictionary of 50,000 words, including mathematical and other conventions. The total number of all kinds of phrases from such a dictionary is a very modest value, equal to 50,000 to the power of 100. If we leave only the phrases that have linguistic (diagnostic) consistency, then their number will be reduced to 50,000 to the power of 50.5. If we now discard phrases in which words are grammatically correctly connected, but their content does not even have the semblance of meaning, then the number of outwardly meaningful phrases will be reduced to 50,000 to the power of 25. The elimination of false from true statements is,

Meanwhile, we know representatives of the animal world on various planets, capable of giving no less variety of unconditioned reactions, quite adequate to reality, to various combinations of external stimuli, which, nevertheless, cannot be called reasonable.

Apparently, it would be more correct to consider Humanity not as an intelligent, but as a potentially intelligent race, since limited thinking is still not innate in you.

By nature, the human brain is endowed with a thinking apparatus no less perfect than the thinking organs of representatives of many intelligent races in the Universe. But the development of your thinking from the very beginning took a completely wrong path.

At the beginning of the formation of the thinking process, the ability to think lies in the potential for a diverse response to the same informational impact. On the graph, hereinafter referred to as the logical foundation, the force or perceptibility of the reaction to the informational influence is laid down vertically, horizontally to the right – the acceptability, pleasantness of this reaction, and to the left of 0 – its unacceptability, a nuisance. Like everything in nature that has not yet been processed by the activity of the mind counteracting entropy, this graph is chaotic, the bursts of the curve on it are explained by purely physiological threshold effects, self-education of the mind consists not only in building a complex system of logical thinking, but also in processing and improving the foundation on which this system is based. As the example of the many intelligent races shows,.

It should be noted that we know of several intelligent races in the Universe that have a rectilinear structure of a logical foundation with branches extending to infinity. They make up their own Association of Races, they are not included in the coalition, since we could not find a common language with them. The fundamental difference between their thinking and ours lies in the fact that the area of ​​the figure describing the logical foundation is finite for us, and in their thinking is infinite. We even find it difficult to imagine how they perceive being, and we cannot understand what keeps them alive under the furious blows of positive and negative informational influences going into unlimited infinity.

The raw logical foundation of a person has two noticeable splashes to the right and left of zero and several small ones. His research shows that a person did not have and does not have any obstacles to adjusting his logical foundation according to the scheme generally accepted in the Universe. Meanwhile, the human mind from the very beginning developed fundamentally erroneously, was guided by these outbursts and now has its own kind of logical foundation. These high bursts to the left and to the right of zero are what you call “no” and “yes” and without which, in principle, you cannot imagine the phenomenon. Meanwhile, only the force of habit speaks in you. Purposeful splitting of the logical foundation into the concepts of “no” and “yes” is the biggest obstacle on the way to your knowledge of being. Moreover, the theoretical developments of logical thinking undertaken by you, instead of correcting the error, they only deepen it. Theoretical logical systems operate only with refined concepts of “yes” and “no”, excluding other variants of logical reactions. These developments are a step backward even in comparison with the logical foundation of human thinking, presented in the previous diagram, since the area of ​​the figure describing the logical foundation instead of the finite becomes equal to zero.

Using your mathematical language, we can say that your logic is based on a discrete logical foundation instead of a continuous one, and the most primitive function that has only two values ​​is taken as the basis. This suggests the inevitable conclusion that if your method of perceiving being can be called thinking, then this system of thinking is the most primitive of all possible.

Discretization of logic forces you to extend the principle of discretization to all things. So, the natural series of numbers, which in essence is a possible, but very artificial mathematical trick that has very little in common with real nature, has become for you the basis of those basics of mathematics with which the vast majority of representatives of Mankind are familiar. You strive to count everything and at the same time you are unable to accurately convey, for example, information about the strength of the wind, if you do not express it numerically in points or pressure per square meter or mile, and these three numbers expressing the same wind strength , will not cause you the same reaction until you do additional calculations and make sure that they really indicate the same thing.

Arithmetic counting led you to the appearance of puzzles, caused not by the reality of the world, but by the primitiveness of your thinking. Meanwhile, you waste energy trying to solve them and harmonize with the picture of the world presented to you, like real mysteries of nature. For example, the arrangement of rational and irrational numbers on the real axis.

Discretization of logic forces you to split the whole perceived into separate facts, phenomena, concepts and categories, drawing artificial boundaries between them.

Discretization of logic and the principle of counting induce you to consider the number of features of an object as finite and give names to each of them. This gives rise to a very dubious opportunity to separate some signs from others – a technique you call abstraction. Movement along the steps of abstraction to more and more general signs is considered by you to be the only correct way of knowing the truth, while this movement is a path leading away from the truth, into darkness. It is no accident that all your abstract constructions, called philosophical systems, are mutually contradictory, although they are based on the same logic. Step by step plunging into darkness along the steps of abstraction, step by step losing touch with the real world, philosophical systems gradually lose their orientation and reach the point that at the dead end of this movement, to the meaningless question of the primacy of matter or spirit, give diametrically opposite answers. Logic, based on “yes” – “no”, forces you to always and everywhere draw boundaries between various complexes of attributes of objects, and because of the weakness of this logic, entropy leads the way in the process of drawing boundaries, and they are drawn very chaotically, illogical even from the point of view your logic, which is especially convincingly emphasized by their unequal arrangement in the words of different human languages. Your way of communicating is based on drawing these chaotic boundaries, which you consider to be one of the highest achievements of the human mind. We have shown the primitiveness of language as a way of exchanging information by counting the number of possible meaningful and correct phrases.

Logic, based on “yes” – “no”, forces you to always and everywhere draw boundaries between various complexes of attributes of objects, and because of the weakness of this logic, entropy leads the way in the process of drawing boundaries, and they are drawn very chaotically, illogical even from the point of view your logic, which is especially convincingly emphasized by their unequal arrangement in the words of different human languages.

Language, as the main carrier of information, itself, in turn, affects your thinking, forcing it to more clearly adhere to the principle of discreteness. Therefore, in particular, your ethics and aesthetics contain many paired concepts, opposed as logical thesis and antithesis. Your public and personal morality is guided by rules that polarize the concepts of “good” – “evil”, “life” – “death”, “gain” – “loss”, “recognition” – “non-recognition”, “love” – ​​”hate” and stuff like that. Even your own observation that the meaning of these diametric concepts is different for different peoples does not help you, and even for one people it changes over time. And now, considering himself a highly civilized Humanity, you and in the jury determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant according to the principle “yes” – “no”, which may still be permissible for deciding the fate of one person, but cannot at all be acceptable for deciding the fate of peoples. But even there the same principle “yes” – “no” prevails during national referendums or voting in parliaments. Moreover, discrete logic allows you to trust the fate of nations and Humanity to several separate people.

In international politics, such polar concepts are for you the concepts of “state of peace” and “state of war”, and a sharp transition from one to another, inherent only in your logic and contrary to nature, you implement with truly insane determination. The recent world war and, obviously, the impending new world war testify that the sharp development of technical civilization also did not make you wiser. However, as far as your historical development is concerned, it is with great difficulty that we can make predictions precisely because of this sharp discreteness and almost instantaneous transition of your social devices and foreign policy states from one to another. For several thousand years, KON has been observing the almost continuous wars waged by you among yourself, and in the natural course of historical processes, your wars could subside only after 12,000 years, but the KOH cannot even say that these wars will not end in the next 100 years. Only the last consideration allows us to consider the present conversion not hopeless, for it is natural that an agreement between Mankind and the Coalition can be reached only after the elimination of the warlike habits of Mankind.

Chapter 3

KON is forced to be skeptical about Humanity also for two reasons, generated, however, by the same primitive logic, namely: attitude to technical civilization and fear of the death of an individual.

The development of technology in itself is undoubtedly beneficial and calls on the KOH to treat Mankind favorably as an intelligent race. But the fetishization of technology, and even more so the assignment of such a role to it that it becomes the main characteristic of your civilization, alarms us.

The history of mankind has developed chaotically. When certain regions of the Earth did not have a direct communication link, Mankind, in fact, set up several experiments to create various types of civilizations. Some of them were approved by KOH. Unfortunately, different civilizations could not coexist peacefully when, in the process of development and spread, opportunities for direct contacts between them appeared. As a rule, a more coarse and primitive, and because of this, a more cruel civilization destroyed a more developed and humane one, in order, in turn, to be destroyed by an even cruder one.

At present, the most primitive of all, the machine civilization, dominates the Earth. It embraced all of Mankind, keeps it under its control and will not allow a new civilization to arise in the future, unless it destroys itself or if Mankind does not take control of the development of a machine civilization into its own hands and gradually transforms it into another kind of civilization, much more necessary an intelligent race. KON hopes that the impetus for such a restructuring can be a real appeal and all possible assistance that KON can provide to Humanity, if this assistance is required and Humanity expresses a corresponding desire. It is necessary to stipulate that the local civilizations, the centers of which were the city of Anuradhapura at the time of the first appeal and the city of Quetzalcoatl at the time of our second appeal, much more in line with the needs of mankind than modern machine civilization, and as one of the options for its assistance, KOH can offer Mankind the most detailed description of these civilizations to be taken as possible models. One of the most important signs for the systematization of a race as intelligent is that each of its representatives prioritizes the activity of the collectivized mind. Accordingly, a person as a rational being should put the development of the mind of Mankind above all else. that each of its representatives prioritizes the activities of the collectivized mind. Accordingly, a person as a rational being should put the development of the mind of Mankind above all else. that each of its representatives prioritizes the activities of the collectivized mind. Accordingly, a person as a rational being should put the development of the mind of Mankind above all else.

Human functions are reduced to perceiving information from the previous generation of people, distorting it by their own random guesses and transmitting the distorted information to the next generation. Chaotic fluctuations in the movement of thought in a reasonable society are necessary so that, after historical elimination, there will certainly be zigzags in the movement of thought, corresponding to the zigzags of changes in the objective picture of being. The latter has an unpredictable direction, while the spectrum of thinking of any individual throughout his life remains constant. It follows that the change of generations is necessary for intelligent beings, and in particular for people, not only as living beings for the preservation and development of reason. Therefore, the hopes of many representatives of Humanity are fundamentally destructive, that contact with intelligent alien races will help them solve the problem of immortality. On the other hand, we cannot deny humanity the appropriate help, no matter how destructive it may be, since every intelligent race has the right to independently decide its fate.

Chapter 4

KON does not stay away from contacts with Humanity and its individual representatives to discuss any questions and to provide positive assistance in any problems of a private nature. But the main purpose of this appeal is to warn of the danger threatening Mankind and to offer Mankind to join the Coalition. The Charter of the Coalition and a description of its structure and activities can be transferred to Mankind for familiarization without any additional conditions at its first request, promulgated by the government of any of the four largest states or the Secretariat of the League of Nations.

If Humanity is inclined to think about joining the Coalition, it will first have to do the work on restructuring the logical foundation of its thinking according to the scheme of the thinking base generally accepted in the Coalition. This requirement is dictated not only by the fact that the defective type of thinking inherent in Mankind would cause a progressive inferiority complex in Mankind, who joined the Coalition, but above all by the fact that, due to fundamentally different types of thinking, the races of the Coalition and Mankind would not be able to exchange the necessary information , unless only at the most superficial level, an example of which is involuntarily true conversion. Humanity would be useless for the Coalition, as well as the Coalition for Humanity. Without humanity’s restructuring of the logical foundation of its thinking, we are powerless to even help you in protection from a cyclone. It seems to us that Humanity will spend from 60 to 70 thousand years to work on restructuring the logical foundation, which, in view of the danger threatening Humanity, is a critical period. Therefore, this work should be started now.

The KON undertakes to transfer the primary course of continuous logic and detailed instructions on the gradual education in the next generations of the skills of continuous-logical thinking at the first demand of Mankind, but not before the different peoples of Mankind stop senseless strife and agree with the concentration of efforts in this long process of restructuring of thinking, for acquainting one of the warring nations with the principles of continuous logical thinking would be analogous to giving him an absolute weapon and in the end would lead to the death of Mankind. The present, third, appeal of the KOH to Humanity is the last. Failure to respond within 50 years will be regarded as evidence that Humanity refuses to join the Coalition.


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