Merkel is following the path of Hillary

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Repeating in no way the unsubstantiated allegations of a candidate-loser in the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel claims that she has “solid evidence” of hacking her email by Russian intelligence operatives.

Dr. Merkel said that “cyber disorientation and distortion of facts” are part of “Russia‘s strategy,” and added: “Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that this is not new.”

“I can honestly say that it hurts me. Every day I try to build better relations with Russia, and on the other hand there is solid evidence that Russian forces are doing this,” Merkel told the German parliament.

Merkel’s statements followed an article in the German journal Spiegel, which quoted anonymous sources inside the government about Russian GRU intelligence cracking a lady chancellor’s electronic correspondence in 2015.

The article claimed that the alleged burglar acted from Moscow using the pseudonym “Skaramush”. This cracker managed to get into the mailboxes of the German parliament, especially targeting Mrs. Merkel’s two mailing addresses.

“According to experts, a total of about 16 gigabytes of information simply leaked. Thousands of e-mail messages from Merkel’s office could be part of this leak,” says Spiegel’s article.

The article further acknowledges, however, that now “it cannot be established with absolute accuracy” what kind of information the hacker received.

Merkel’s current allegations are reminiscent of a previous scandal during which the Obama administration was accused of spying [by tapping the phone] of the German leader.

The leaks in 2013 related to the work of the American National Security Agency (NSA, in the English abbreviation NSA) were made public by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, and these leaks convincingly showed that the Obama administration was listening and recording the conversations of German Chancellor Mrs. Merkel. The German newspaper subsequently reported in a separately published material that Obama personally admitted that he gave the green light to this surveillance in 2010.

At the time these charges [regarding Merkel’s surveillance] were published, the White House refused to admit whether the Americans were following Mrs. Merkel or not. The American side only clarified that at the moment the NSA is no longer listening to Mrs Merkel’s phone. The United States also announced that it does not intend to conduct such an audition in the future.

In response to Snowden’s revelations, Merkel scolded President Obama for a look, saying: “Spying on friends is unacceptable.”

President Obama subsequently admitted: it turns out, “there is no doubt that Snowden’s revelations spoiled the image of the US government in the eyes of the Germans, and also interfered with the cooperation of our intelligence services.”

Germany nevertheless terminated the criminal case on the fact of wiretapping its own chancellor back in 2015. As a reason, the Germans indicated a reluctance to cooperate with the FRG authorities on the part of the American National Security Agency – the same NSA.

At a joint press conference with Merkel in 2017, President Donald Trump noted that he, President Donald Trump, had something in common with Angela Merkel. Namely, the fact that Obama followed each of them. At the same time, Trump had in mind the allegations that Obama had organized an audition for the headquarters of the Republican presidential candidate – the famous Trump Tower – during the 2016 election period.

“With regard to recording telephone conversations, it seems to me that the past US presidential administration [Obama administration] applied this general tactic [wiretapping] to both of us,” Trump said, making a hinting gesture in the direction of Merkel.


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