Mephedrone addiction treatment

(ORDO NEWS) — Not everyone knows that it is impossible to cope with drug addiction on your own or with the help of relatives! The person needs professional help.

It is very important to pull the addict out of his usual environment and place him under round-the-clock surveillance.

Drug addiction treatment in a specialized clinic lasts about 6-8 months and includes an integrated approach.

Doctors are struggling with addiction on a physical and psychological level. In addition to detoxification procedures, interviews are held with narcologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

Treatment of concomitant diseases by narrow specialists is carried out, and the formation of positive motivation in the patient.

Why is mephedrone dangerous?

This drug is often used at youth parties. However, mephedrone, like all narcotic substances, has a negative effect on the body and over time, a strong dependence appears on it.

Mephedrone is a psychoactive substance (NPS) of synthetic origin. The drug is sold in the form of a white powder, capsules and crystals.

Drug addicts call it salt, “meow-meow”, “crystallius”. The effect of such a powerful psychostimulant is instantaneous and lasts for several hours, and the consequences for the human body are detrimental.

It is quite difficult to notice that a person is taking this chemical. After all, under its influence, the drug addict becomes a good conversationalist, active and friendly. Mephedrone is drunk, inhaled, injected and smoked.

If you do not use the next dose, there is a strong breakdown with unpleasant symptoms: headache, vomiting, tremors and hallucinations. In order not to die, a person needs urgent medical care.

After all, the work of all important organs of the body at this moment is significantly deteriorating. The heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, nervous system and vision suffer.

A person has a depressed state, apathy, depression, psychosis, paranoia. Withdrawal lasts about a month, its intensity depends on the timing of drug use, age, gender and health status of the drug addict. Consequences of the use can be rather sad up to death.

Save your loved ones, turn to narcologists for help in time!


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