Melting Arctic will release much more carbon than previously thought

(ORDO NEWS) — Arctic permafrost stores huge amounts of carbon, which is four times more than the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. Bacterial activity causes the iron to not retain gas. As a result, the concentration of CO 2 is only increasing, reports Science Alert.

The conclusions of the scientists are based on a study of one swamp in the north of Sweden. Because of bacteria, much more greenhouse gases enter the air envelope, and iron is unable to retain them.

The glaciers of the Arctic will melt sooner or later, which means that the worst-case scenario for the planet will come true. The emissions will be significantly higher than those previously announced by scientists.

The total amount of carbon bound to iron reaches 5% of the total volume that is in the atmosphere today. This is five times more than is emitted by factories and various objects every year.

The study speaks of a large new source of CO 2 that must be considered in all models. Bacteria consume iron minerals, which releases a greenhouse gas.


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