Melting Arctic ice threatens the world

(ORDO NEWS) — The disappearance of ice in the Arctic can significantly affect the climate of the entire Earth, making it unpredictable.

A team of researchers from the University of Oulu in Finland searched for the causes of heavy snowfall in southern Europe in 2018, which led to colossal grape losses. It turned out that the Arctic was the culprit. This is reported on the pages of

According to the research work, the half of the ice reduction in the Arctic is caused by the increase in the area of ​​ice-free water. This led to the fact that in the winter period moisture began to evaporate intensively, and heavy snowfalls began in southern Europe.

According to the researchers, in the atmospheric vapor south of the Arctic, they discovered some anomalies, the cause of which was the open water surface of the Barents Sea.

Scientists believe that heavy snowfalls in 2018 in Europe were triggered precisely by the evaporation of moisture from the Barents Sea. Researchers were even able to determine that every square meter that melts in the Barents Sea increases the mass of snow by 70 kilograms.

If we consider that in the coming years the Barents Sea will not freeze at all, then this threatens excessively snowy winters in Europe and, possibly, catastrophic consequences for agriculture.


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