Megaplatanos: Greek Roswell

(ORDO NEWS) — Megaplatanos is a small village located one and a half hours drive from the city of Athens, Greece. Like most Greek villages, it is mostly shepherds and farmers who work in the fields and mountains from dawn to dusk.

On September 2, 1990, at about 9 pm, several villagers who happened to be on the street and looking at the sky saw half a dozen strange lights in the sky.

It was a group of 5 or 6 unidentified flying objects approaching from the north, with one of the aircraft flying unsteadily.

Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen strange lights emitted by a plane in distress, causing it to lose altitude and eventually crash into the side of a nearby mountain. The accident at Megaplatanos is known as the Greek Roswell Incident.

Strange lights over Hellas

Unidentified lights were first seen over central Greece. According to reports, a dozen or more of these aircraft flew across the sky around this time. They flew near Mount Pentelicus and headed north, past the city of Thessaloniki.

At some point, they changed course and headed south to the Peloponnese region. Here they changed course again and headed back to central Greece.

At this point, one of the UFOs changed color and began to fly unsteadily. As the objects approached the village of Atalanti, the UFO in trouble began to descend rapidly and eventually fell on the southern part of a small hill called Tympristos (or Tymfristos), which is located a few kilometers from Megaplatanos.

On top of this hill, overlooking the village, stands a small church known as the Church of the Prophet Elijah. Just a few meters from the church is the spot where the object is said to have fallen. It happened around 9:30 pm on a Sunday.

Megaplatanos Greek Roswell 2
Place of fall

Those who saw these objects said that they saw them descend from the sky towards the fallen UFO and rise again into the sky. It seemed to some that they were acting as part of an organized operation to rescue the crew of a crashed UFO.

Family testifies

The Karadratu family first saw bright lights illuminating the dark sky for about fifteen minutes. Then they heard three loud explosions, after which they noticed that one of the flying objects became brighter and closer than the others. They thought it was damaged or on fire and saw it fall about a kilometer from their home.

After the fall, the object emitted black smoke, similar to the smoke from burning tires. “After a while, other objects descended near the landed ship and landed around it, as if surrounding it.” The light from other objects was so bright that it illuminated part of the hill.

“We stood there and watched. My husband and I moved closer to get a better look. He saw movement in front of the burning object, like shadows that were walking back and forth, but we could not understand if it was people or something else.

They (the shadows) were doing something in the circle of light that had formed around the large object, and they stayed there from about 10 a.m. Sunday to 3 a.m. Monday.”

According to Mrs. Karadratu, they were only able to approach the crash site after the sun had risen. As they explored the crash site, they came across scorched earth and some charred pine trees. In one of these trees, the lower part of the trunk was also charred.

When Mr. Karadratu touched the tree, he developed blisters within seconds. In the place where, apparently, there was an impact, they both saw two small holes in the ground. A strange small round object with two antennae was found near or inside the holes. It was also engraved with a symbol resembling lightning.

Karadrathus reported seeing the creatures from a distance, but was unable to confirm whether they were human or not, as they were about a kilometer away, and due to the glare and fire, it was almost impossible to see some of the anatomical features.

However, they knew that these beings or shadows were hastily moving around the damaged ship.

Police and scientists investigate

Fthiotida police soon arrived at the scene. Word spread through the village about strange lights and a possible plane crash near the church of the prophet Elijah.

On their first inspection of the scene, they were only able to find what appeared to be the remains of a campfire. When the police met with Karadratus, who had been at the scene since early morning, they were given the round object they had found.

Apart from the scorched earth and the object handed over to him by Karadratus, the director of the police department, Mr. Panetsos, did not find any indication that there really was a downed plane here.

He sought the assistance of the Deputy Prosecutor, Mr. Zisimopoulos, who demanded a full investigation into the alleged crash site.

Various other metals were extracted from there, none of which exceeded 12 centimeters. These items were sent to the Tanagra Air Base, located about 90 kilometers south of the crash site.

Megaplatanos Greek Roswell 3
UFO debris

AFB Tanagra concluded that the items were “worthless” and that they were likely parts from an old fighter jet. However, the Air Force Research and Technology Center (KETA-ETHM) visited the site and came to a different conclusion. On October 19, 1990, their incident report read:

“We confirm that this object burned grass and bushes within a radius of 200 meters. The debris collected was as follows: Pieces of a female plug with a diameter of 11 cm made of copper with Arabic numerals in the center.

A number of copper multi-terminal cables connected to the above plug. The insulation of these cables was made in silk, fabric type and teflon.Burnt rubber round lid.Steel ring.

Three steel rods 10 cm long each. Below are two knobs with a Greek F at their base. The fragments found were of terrestrial origin, given the presence of digital and alphabetic designations. It was old technology, possibly parts of an old satellite. This conclusion was made based on measurements, wiring and design.

The satellite must be from Europe or the former Soviet Union, since only in these parts of the world there is a metric system in meters and centimeters. As for the letter F, it is from the Soviet Union, since that country uses this Greek letter in its Cyrillic alphabet, and also has the technology for such a device.”

Failed Investigation

Many Greek ufologists dismissed theories about a downed satellite or that the metals were parts of an old fighter jet. Socrates Ekaterinidis was one of them. He wrote in several publications and spoke about this incident in several interviews on Greek radio.

He argued that KETA-ETHM’s claim of a downed satellite had no evidence, as no debris was found, not even a small impact crater. He also claimed that the air force base overlooked the fact that one of the facilities had a strange lightning bolt emblem.

Why they missed this fact further strengthened his assumptions about the cover-up by the military or the poor work of the investigators.

With regard to the Greek letter F, which was depicted on metal objects, Mr. Ekaterinidis claims that the police did not see any inscriptions on the metal.

Megaplatanos Greek Roswell 4
Place of fall

In addition to this hodgepodge of information, the director of the Astronomical Institute of the National Observatory of Athens released a statement claiming that it was nothing more than a meteorite impact. Mr. Makris never set foot on the scene or examined witnesses or police records. However, he released the following statement:

“These are not just aliens. At this time (September 1990), the Earth‘s orbit passes near a flock of meteors, the so-called Persians. These meteorites, entering the Earth’s atmosphere at an altitude of about one hundred kilometers, develop great friction due to their high speed and ignite.

Therefore, the world sees flashes.If we talk about meteors, they can be artificial satellites.As many parts of the satellite are destroyed, they also ignite in the atmosphere. Finally, the phenomena can also be caused by anomalous refractions or reflections in the atmosphere from lights on the ground.

Even the lights of a row cars can cause such an impressive spectacle. Everything else is devoid of seriousness and is explained by fantasy or group hysteria. ”

Asked by several UFO investigators, the Atalanti police mentioned that no investigation team has ever taken statements from dozens of people who witnessed the strange UFO lights and crash near the village of Megaplatanos.

From what is known, only a few photographs taken by the police and the Karadratu family have been released to the public.

Greek Roswell

Unlike the 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, the alleged UFO crash in Greece received little to no press coverage. there are only a few photos from the police report, a picture taken by eyewitnesses of the crash site, and in ours only a few villagers who still live in Megaplatanos and remember that September day in 1990, when the night was lit up with strange lights in the Greek sky, survived.


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