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(ORDO NEWS) — Vangelia Surcheva, married to Gushterova, whom the whole world knows as a clairvoyant Vanga, was born on January 31, 1911 in the city of Strumica in southern Macedonia. The name of the Gospel is Greek, it literally means “bearer of the good news.” It is probably symbolic that the phenomenal gift of a fortuneteller that was discovered later was associated with this name.

“Promise that you will not take revenge …”

Vanga’s childhood and adolescence were spent in poverty and backbreaking work. By the age of 13, the girl was completely blind, and at 16 she began to guess and predict. In April 1942, due to her marriage, Vanga moved to the nearby, but already in Bulgaria, city of Petrich. And she met her future husband a few months before, under the following circumstances.

Once a soldier of the Bulgarian army, 23-year-old Dimitar Gushterov, came to Vanga, already a well-known soothsayer in the district. He wanted to find out from Vanga about who robbed and killed his brother-merchant near the village of Sklava. He is left with a widow with three children. Dimitar hovered in the yard, not daring to enter the house. Suddenly Wang came out onto the porch and called him by name. “I know why you came,” she said. “You want to know the names of your brother’s killers. Maybe I’ll tell you them, but you must promise me that you will not take revenge. You will live and become a witness to their crimes at the trial. ”

Dimitar was so impressed by what Wanga said that he did not remember how he left her house. The soldier could not understand how she knew his name and what tormented his soul. He came to Vanga several more times, talked to her for a long time, and then made her an offer.

Roerich and Tikhonov

There are many cases of Vanga’s clairvoyance, confirmed by witnesses and officially recorded. So, long before the elections, she said that Jimmy Carter would be president only once, and that Indira Gandhi would again become prime minister, Wanga announced seven months before this event. And long before the death of Gandhi’s son, she predicted his death, however, not terrorists, but in a plane crash.

Vanga was visited by the son of Nicholas Roerich Svyatoslav – like his father, a famous painter. Vanga’s niece, Krassimira Stoyanova, recalls this meeting this way: “… He sat silently opposite his aunt, and she spoke in an even and calm voice. She “saw” in Roerich’s study a large ceramic vase in which a lily of amazingly pure white color grew. “This is the greatest spiritual decoration of your home,” Wanga said. – A beautiful lily glitters for me with the silver of the eternal snow of the Middle Kingdom of Tibet and the Himalayas. From there, from Tibet, the history of mankind began, there you should look for its roots, there – the explanation of many amazing and strange mysteries of the earthly life of people. Your father was not just an artist, but also an inspired prophet. All his paintings are insights, predictions. They are encrypted, but an attentive and sensitive heart will tell the viewer the code, and the meaning of the canvases will become clear. You must continue your father’s work with all diligence. It is so destined”.

In 1979, our famous artist Vyacheslav Tikhonov came to Vanga. The soothsayer stunned him with an unexpected question, asked, moreover, in a very stern voice: “Why didn’t you fulfill the wish of your friend Yuri Gagarin?” Tikhonov remained silent in bewilderment, and Vanga continued: “When Gagarin went on his last test flight, he came to say goodbye and said, smiling:“ I wanted to make you a gift, but there is no time for shopping, buy yourself an alarm clock, put it on the table – it will be a memory about me”. Hearing these words, Tikhonov almost fainted, he was drunk with valerian. Having regained consciousness, he confirmed that everything was so: he forgot to buy an alarm clock because of the turmoil after the death of Gagarin.

The Russian prose writer Leonid Leonov also visited Vanga. She warned him that his manuscripts would be burned. The writer did not really believe it, but just in case he moved them from the dacha to the city apartment. There they burned down.

Do you know that…

Vanga predicted that a girl would be born in France, who would receive her gift. In a small French village, a girl named Kaede indeed appeared, possessing supernatural powers.

Lost and Found

And here are some more examples from Vanga’s life.

Restorers were working in a dilapidated church when valuable ancient icons disappeared from there. The thieves were searched for throughout the district, but in vain. We turned to Vanga. She immediately said that the thieves are restorers, and listed in detail everything that they still stole, and told how they confused the traces of the crime. The kidnappers were shocked, confessed to their deeds and bitterly repented.
Another detective story, but with a comic flavor.

Vanga lost a new velvet dress from the closet. Finding the loss, she was not in the least upset. “Never mind, the unfortunate woman who took it will rejoice in the dress,” said Vanga, “but after that she will suffer from shame. Will not know how to return. There is no need to lock the closet, soon the dress will be there. ” A week later, the dress was hanging on a hanger again in the closet.

In 1944, a peasant learned that his son had been killed by the Germans near the Novo Selo community in Macedonia. The peasant went there in the hope of digging up the body and reburying it at home. They opened seven graves, but the father did not identify the son. Then he turned to Vanga for help. She said that the grave he was looking for was on the river bank, near a large bush. When this grave was excavated, documents with a photograph of the peasant’s son fell out of the victim’s jacket pocket.

Extraterrestrial contacts

Vanga did not have children of her own, but the daughters of Lyubka younger sister were always nearby. One of them – the already mentioned Krasimira – kept something like a diary. Once Wanga told her niece that she had been meeting with aliens for about a year. Here are fragments of this story: “… They are transparent. They look like a reflection of a person in water … They say that they fly from the planet Vamfim – the third from the Earth, in any case, this is how I hear it … Sometimes one of them takes my hand and leads me to his planet … Everything on their planet is very beautiful … They control us … They said that Yuri Gagarin did not burn on the plane and did not die. He was “taken”. By whom, why, where – they do not explain.”

Remembers Academician Bekhterev

In conclusion, a recollection of a meeting with Vanga Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva, a neurophysiologist, a specialist in the study of the human brain and psyche, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences:

“… We walked along the dirt road, soft with dust, and… our footsteps were not heard. And nevertheless, soon after I approached the fence around the courtyard … her shrill voice rang out: “I know that you have arrived, Natalya, come to the fence, do not hide behind a man.”

… I was called to Vanga. On a chair at … a table sits Vanga, “Aunt Vanga”, who calls everyone in “you” and who must also be called “you”. She is blind, her face is twisted, but as you look at her, the face seems more and more attractive, pure, sweet. I didn’t have a traditional lump of sugar … According to Vanga, a lump of sugar absorbs information about what is coming in a day, and then Wanga reads it with his fingers. I gave her a wonderful Pavlovo Posad shawl in a plastic bag. Vanga took a handkerchief out of the bag: “Oh, you didn’t touch it at all,” and began to stroke the plastic bag. “Why did you come? What do you want to know? ” “Nothing special,” I replied, “I wanted to meet you. I am researching the properties of the human brain, and I wanted to talk to you myself ”-“ For science, it means nothing.”

“… Right now your mother has come. She’s here. He wants to tell you something. And you can ask her “-” Mom is probably angry with me “(Mom died in 1975, was buried in the Krasnodar Territory. I was with Vanga in 1989). Vanga listened, listened and suddenly said: “No, she is not angry with you. It is all a disease; she says: it’s all a disease. ” And then – to me, at the same time showing with his hands: “She had such a paralysis, – Vanga’s hands imitate trembling. – This is what “-” Parkinsonism “- I comment. “Yes, yes, that’s right, parkinsonism.” And so it was, my mother for 12 years suffered from severe parkinsonism …

… And then Wanga began to ask me: “Where is your father?” – “I do not know”. – I answered not quite the truth. “How can you not know, it was murder, murder! And where is the coffin (the coffin is the grave)? Where is his coffin? ” – “I do not know”. It’s already true here. “How can you not know, you must know, you try and you will know.”

Ah, Vanga, Vanga, I thought, well, who will tell me where the bones of my shot father lie!

They said … It is very likely that together with the same unfortunate people my father was buried near Leningrad, in Levashovo.

Further. “Something I can hardly see your husband, like in a fog. Where is he?” – “In Leningrad” – “In Leningrad … yes … it’s bad, I can’t see him well.” A few months later, my husband died in a rather tragic situation.

There are a lot of people who claim to be able to see the past, present and future. It was important for me to make sure myself – yes, it happens. And not everything can be dismissed as obtained by the “staff of informants”. By the way, with a staff of informants, which is hardly available, what to do with the cows and calves found in the swamps, in the woods, according to the exact instructions of Vanga.”

… Wang died 15 years ago, at the 85th year of life, on August 11, 1996 at 10 hours 10 minutes in the morning – exactly on that day and hour, which she herself predicted.


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