Mediterranean diet cut the risk of dementia by a quarter

(ORDO NEWS) — Eating plenty of seafood, fruits and nuts can reduce your risk of mental health problems by 23 percent, according to a new study.

Dementia affects millions of people around the world, but the range of treatments for it is still extremely limited.

That is why the priority of researchers is to find ways to reduce the risk of developing this disease, and one of the most successful strategies has been the Mediterranean diet .

Researchers from several of the UK‘s leading research centers analyzed data from 60,298 people from the British Biobank, who were followed for nearly a decade. During this time, 882 cases of dementia were registered.

The authors of the work analyzed the genetic propensity of patients to develop dementia and the influence of their diet.

Curiously, even in people with a high genetic predisposition to this disease, the Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of developing it by almost a quarter, allowing them to stay sane and have a solid memory.

So being of a different ethnic group may bring unaddressed risks or benefits from following a Mediterranean diet.

In any case, the abundance in the diet of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and whole grains can significantly improve our health, and now, as it turns out, mentally.

The scientists suggest that future dementia risk research should focus on the impact of specific foods on overall brain health to help people at high risk of dementia maintain their mental health longer.

Of course, this will not completely protect a person from the risk of getting sick, but it will seriously reduce the likelihood of such an outcome.


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