Meat rain mystery in Kentucky, USA

(ORDO NEWS) — Within minutes of March 3, 1876, chunks of meat rained down from the sky over Bath County, Kentucky.

Between 11 and 12 am on March 3, 1876, a farmer’s wife named Mrs. Crouch was making soap on her porch near Olympia Springs in Bath County. It was a clear and sunny day. Suddenly pieces of meat began to fall from the sky.

Mrs. Crouch described the pieces of meat as 5 to 10 centimeters in size and felt harsh to the touch. Mr. Crouch saw the meat fall around his wife and described it as large red snowflakes.

Mrs. Crouch and her husband said they considered the meat a sign from God, like the manna that in the Bible fell from heaven to feed the Israelites.

Mr. Harrison Gill visited the Crouch home the day after the accident and found pieces of meat sticking out of the fences and scattered on the ground.

Apparently the meat was fresh when it fell, but by the time Harrison visited, it had gone bad and dried out.

Mr and Mrs Crouch believed the meat was beef. Two men who came to the scene to taste the meat described it as venison or lamb.

A scientist named Leopol Brandeis wrote in the journal Sanitarian that it was a species of cyanobacteria called Nostoc. Brandeis turned the sample over to the Newark Science Association for further analysis.

Dr. Allan McLane Hamilton of the Newark Science Association analyzed the sample and concluded that it was lung tissue from either a human infant or a horse.

Other specimens were examined, and all of them were found to be either lung tissue, or muscle, or cartilage.


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