Maya Indians wore jewelry glued with resin on their teeth

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(ORDO NEWS) — Mexican scientists talked about a habit popular among the Mayan Indians – adults encrusted various jewelry, including precious stones, in their teeth. During the heyday of classical culture, every fifth person had such improvements in appearance.

The researchers decided to find out exactly how the process took place and what materials were used for this. It turned out that ancient dentists deliberately drilled cavities in the front teeth of Mayan patients, and then attached jewelry using natural materials.

A mixture of wood resins with natural bitumen was used as a “glue”. Interestingly, the connection is so strong that on almost all the teeth found, which are more than a thousand years old, the stones remain securely fixed.

In addition, the mixture clearly had an antiseptic effect. Because there are no traces of secondary caries on the teeth, which should have developed due to damage to the enamel.

In several specimens of the teeth, the cavity was filled with a material as close as possible to the natural color. This was obtained, most likely, from a mixture of antiseptic resins with bone meal, and very much reminded the researchers of a modern filling.


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