May be the last image sent by the InSight probe

(ORDO NEWS) — InSight has allowed astronomers to learn more about what is happening inside Mars. From detecting earthquakes on Mars to pinpointing new meteorite impacts on the Red Planet.

The planned duration of the device was 709 Martian days, but now it has almost doubled.

However, over the past few months, the lander has not been able to get enough power due to the fact that its solar panels were covered with a thick layer of Martian dust.

Severe and sustained sandstorms deposited layer after layer of sand on the solar panels.

Probably, the engineers did not take this scenario into account and did not equip the device with a special device for removing sand, which would increase the duration of the Martian technology.

Or you just want to save money.

The power in InSight batteries is getting smaller and smaller every day, and soon it will not be enough to support the operation of a seismometer and other basic instruments.

The image taken on October 30 shows the body of the seismometer on the surface. Perhaps this image may be the last in the work of the probe.

Currently, the mission uses only the most sensitive of the seismic sensor arrays to efficiently use the probe’s energy.

The operator team believes the lander has a few weeks left before it will simply shut down.


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