Maximum solar activity breaks records

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers summed up March. And what do you think? The maximum number of sunspots in this solar cycle, and in general the maximum since 2015!

But the most interesting thing: astronomers were seriously mistaken with the forecast of solar activity. Looks like this cycle will be twice as ferocious as they thought.

The sun is experiencing an 11-year fluctuation in activity, which may be provoked by the attraction of Jupiter. But lately the cycles have started to falter.

So, in 2019, the Sun could not get out of the minimum. There were hypotheses that it “cools down”. Nevertheless, a new, current cycle of activity nevertheless began, but at first it was neither shaky nor rolly. And all of a sudden there was an incredible outburst.

Data of the last solar cycles, according to the forecast and real. Source:

According to the forecast, the activity of the Sun was supposed to slowly rise by 2025, and then fall by 2030. But the Sun is already more active than the predicted peak. And the cycle has just begun!

Soviet scientist Alexander Chizhevsky has collected an incredible amount of statistics and facts that say that high solar activity provokes contagious diseases, social upheavals and strange natural phenomena.

Tables with these facts occupy hundreds of pages in his works, and there is no doubt that they are. But neither Chizhevsky himself, nor anyone else, has yet been able to explain this connection.

How to understand what actually caused the cycles of solar activity, and why their uniform course began to be disturbed.


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