Mathematician revealed the secrets that will help to break the jackpot

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(ORDO NEWS) — If you think that in order to hit the jackpot in the lottery, you just need to be lucky, then you are very wrong.

It turns out that mathematicians and gamblers have developed many theories that significantly increase the chances of winning the main prize.

Mathematician Ryan Garibaldi shared the theory of “lucky numbers”. Do not confuse with the theory of “hot and cold numbers”. They are completely different, but both are effective.

The mathematician is convinced that playing the lottery is not a matter of chance. A systematic approach and prudence are needed here. Winning is not that difficult if you follow simple rules.

Garibaldi advises to avoid “lucky numbers” when choosing a lottery ticket. It is better to choose a ticket with less popular numbers in it. Sevens, dozens only reduce the possibility of winning.

It is also better to buy the lottery arbitrarily, and not to tie it to some dates or, for example, to holiday releases (ten years of the lottery, the 100,000th release, etc. do not increase the chances of becoming a millionaire).

Fill in the scatter ticket, Garibaldi believes that this way there are more opportunities to win the jackpot. But if you focus on some column, you will make a mistake that most players make.

Americans beat all imaginable lotteries records. Every year they spend up to 100 billion dollars on tickets. And in 2016, the largest jackpot was drawn in the national Powerball game.

Then, more than 1.5 billion dollars were divided among themselves by 3 winners at once. Although do not think that they got their hands on 500 million dollars.

In the USA, up to 30% of the winnings go to pay taxes. In some states, you can give all 45% to the treasury. Even with such high tax rates, a decent amount remains.

Jackpot winners can take a single payment or divide it into equal shares and receive them for 10 years in a row or more. Everyone chooses the most convenient option for himself.

Therefore, in this country, people are literally trying to unravel the secret of lotteries, developing game tactics and strategies.

For example, in addition to the tips mentioned above, Garibaldi also suggests choosing numbers sequentially rather than randomly.

So, for example, Richard Lewis has already become the winner of Florida sweepstakes 4 times using this approach.

He bought a huge number of tickets and always bet numbers that had previously won. And finally, the mathematician advises placing bets on numbers with 4 digits.


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