Master turned the old spitting machine into a new electric gadget

(ORDO NEWS) — Although it is winter in the yard, no one has canceled the next summer and new summer troubles: beds, raspberry bushes, pruning cherries and, of course, mowing the grass. To make this job easier, one YouTuber came up with an electric scythe sharpener – the best unit that will help you in everyday life.

To cut grass, you need a scythe, which must always remain sharp. You can edit and sharpen the blade with a whetstone, but this usually takes a lot of time, and there is often no strength left at the end of the mowing.

Youtuber Michal Kadlec demonstrated in detail how to turn the simplest manual machine, which has seen the world and has had time to thoroughly cover with patina, into a convenient electronic unit that can sharpen the blade of a scythe quickly and evenly.

Such a scythe chipper is very useful in a subsidiary plot, especially if you have a fairly large plot of land with crops planted on it.

At the first stage, the blogger had to work on the state of the tool. Not without difficulty, having disassembled it into details, the master cleaned of rust and polished all metal surfaces.

Then, having welded a small electric motor to the rack and turned out the missing elements, he repainted the old machine and assembled the unit into one. The result is a nice and very effective device that does a good job of sharpening a scythe:

Such an automatic scythe sharpener can greatly reduce the amount of force applied. After all, in fact, the process of sharpening a braid is not an easy task. To do this, you need to gradually pass over small sections of the blade with a hammer.

It is necessary to beat with a hammer to sharpen the scythe so that the metal of the blade stretches and thins, as it were. To do this, you need to start from a distance of a few millimeters from the edge and walk along a line parallel to the blade for 5-7 centimeters.

Then you need to lower the hammer lower – closer to the cutting edge – and once again walk along this small line. To properly sharpen a braid, be careful not to create waves on the blade – they can cause the thin metal to crack and straighten a damaged braid will be very difficult.

The electric machine presented in the video above, of course, can make your work easier. But it also needs an eye and an eye, because an electric scythe sharpener for sharpening a scythe does not know how to properly carry out the whole process, it only takes on part of the load that usually falls on your muscles.


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