Mass vaccination against coronavirus: who told when it will begin

(ORDO NEWS) — Some vaccines are in their final stages, but WHO predicts that mass vaccinations will begin in the second half of 2021. According to experts, it is impossible to organize anything earlier.

Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the organization, noted that the third phase of testing already developed tools could take a long time. The main thing for professionals is to make sure that vaccines are safe.

WHO does not expect mass vaccinations to begin in the middle of next year. Then only a start can be made, but the really widespread introduction of the vaccine may take place a little later.

In the United States, they found a problem that could undermine all plans: the manufacturers of syringes will not be able to release the required amount of products to ensure that vaccinations are carried out throughout the country.

As Donald Trump noted, at the moment 663 million syringes are produced per year, while 850 million more are needed. It turns out that today not even half of the required volume is produced.

Representatives of medical device manufacturers, in particular Troy Kirkpatrick, urge the authorities to make purchases now, rather than wait until the vaccine is ready.

Otherwise, the deficit cannot be avoided, and the mass vaccination will be delayed. Perhaps it will be possible to carry out it only at the end of 2021, given the difficulties in clinical trials of vaccines and the production of syringes.

Thus, the world will have to wear masks, antiseptics and keep a distance for about another year. The forecasts of experts are not encouraging: too many problems emerge that were not taken into account earlier.

Today, there are more than 26.6 million cases in the world and more than 870 thousand deaths. In a number of countries, the number of diseases has increased, everyone is talking about the approaching second wave of coronavirus.


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