Mass death of elephants in South Africa caused by unknown pathogen

(ORDO NEWS) — The cause of the death of a huge number of elephants in Botswana (South Africa) was the “new pathogen” or, in other words, some virus unknown to scientists. There is no information about what is happening, or it was classified in time.

Today in Botswana, elephants continue to die en masse. Since the beginning of May of this year, more than 280 dead individuals have been discovered. If we take into account unofficial estimates, the number of dead elephants reaches 400 individuals.

On the carcasses, the experts did not find absolutely any evidence, so the version with poachers and predators was not taken into account. Similar research results suggest that the elephants either poisoned or fell ill with some kind of infection. Authorities at the very beginning ruled out the possibility of anthrax infection. It is worth noting that the study of tissue samples of dead animals is too slow due to limitations associated with coronavirus.

We were able to analyze the samples quite recently. Duets Cabot said last Friday that he received research results that indicate the presence of an unknown pathogen. What exactly is this pathogen, no one says.

On social networks you can find information that experts have found a new very dangerous virus or bacterium. At the moment, the results of studies of two more laboratories are expected, which supposedly must confirm the information on patonene.

Over the past week, 6 more dead elephants were found in the country. Everything looks as if the animals just walked and then suddenly fell dead. Initially, experts believed that deceased individuals could travel with water, but then not only elephants, but also other birds and animals that would drink water from nearby bodies of water would be affected. Since this is not observed, the poisoned version was also rejected.


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