Mass death of bats in Israel scared the locals

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The story began on March 21, when a man named Adi Moskowitz walked around the large city park Gan Leumi Park and stumbled upon a large number of dead bats. To this day, no one can say that the creatures died due to a cold or infection.

Some of the corpses had already begun to decompose, while others looked completely fresh. Outwardly, all the bats seemed completely healthy, that is, there were no traces of blood, ulcers on the body, etc. Their pose was as if they were hanging on a branch, and then fell.

Moskowitz decided to publish a post on a social network, attaching several pictures to find out the fate of bats. The problem attracted the attention of not only a large number of people, but also the media, in particular newspapers.

It was found that bats were dying in other places in Israel. People are afraid that events are connected with the approaching end of the world. According to Rabbi Abraham Arie Trugman, people think in the right direction. Nature can no longer tolerate human influences.


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