Masks will have to be worn even after vaccination: the reasons

(ORDO NEWS) — Many countries have already launched the vaccination process, but they do not even think about canceling the mask regime. The mask is so far the only working method to protect oneself.

According to experts, masks will be worn even by those people who received two doses of the vaccine, as expected. First, the effectiveness of vaccines is far from 100%. The most advanced formulation guarantees only 95% protection. For Chinese vaccines, this figure is generally 70%.

Secondly, all people are different. Some have weaker immunity, so the virus will soon attack again.

Third, the virus is actively mutating. Mutations are normal and ensure the survival of the virus.

Some changes in the genome of the coronavirus could make existing vaccines ineffective. Tracking mutations is very difficult, so the only way to prevent the spread of infection is with a mask.

Fourth, a person can be a peddler even without symptoms. Asymptomatic patients now account for half of cases. Fifth, scientists have not fully studied the duration of immunity. It is likely that a booster dose will be required to maintain the body’s defenses throughout the year.


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